6-Year-Old Sandy Hook Survivor Won't Get $100 Million After All

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Sandy hook tributeGood news alert! The lawsuit filed on behalf of Jill Doe, an anonymous 6-year-old survivor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, has been dropped. The State of Connecticut will not be on the hook for the outrageous $100 million that New Haven, Connecticut-based attorney Irving Pinsky was threatening to extract. And here's hoping this sends a message to the world.

Tragedies are just that. They're tragic happenings. They're not money-making opportunities.

Look, I'm not doubting the child's story. Pinsky has told the media that having heard the screams and gunfire, the little girl "sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury."

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I have no doubt that this little girl suffered unspeakable trauma. She was in the building during one of the worst school shootings in our nation's history, and she is just a baby, a 6-year-old child whose biggest worries should be "what kind of bubble bath to use tonight" or "where is my favorite My Little Pony?"

When I read this morning that the Sandy Hook kids will be getting a look at their new school building this week, a part of me wanted to jump in my car and drive a few hours east to block the doors and scream, "No! Don't make them go in there! Don't make them leave their Mommies and Daddies!"

Her pain is surely immense, but this lawsuit still had to disappear -- whether it's because, as Pinsky said, he's got "new evidence," or because the family was shamed by the outcry over their greed. Either way, this child is not alone in all of this.

There were hundreds of kids inside Sandy Hook Elementary, and dozens of staffers. Every single one of them is suffering right now. So are their parents, their families. Even worse -- yes, worse -- is the pain of the families who lost their babies in that school building, the mothers and fathers who have to wake up each morning knowing they will never see their children again.

And yet, they're not asking for money, are they? They're coming together as a community, trying to figure out where to go next. They are showing that in the face of evil, there is still something good and pure in this country: community.

You can't put a price on community. You can't sue it into being. People simply have to come together, to put their hearts out, to decide on a common goal.

In this case, there are myriad goals: healing, closure, prevention. But the fact is, this community has come together. They are working toward their goals. They don't need greed to destroy it all.

Do you think these kids should be suing or will asking for money upset the apple cart?


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peanu... peanutsmommy1

I think suing for an unexpected and unspeakable act of violence is insane. Should the first responders file a lawsuit too?

Zamaria Zamaria

I don't think they should be suing. I do think that the survivors, their families, the families of those who died, and any emergency personel involved should receive free counseling, etc. for as long as they need it. And a lot of them will need it. It is hard for me to send my kids to school after something like that, and I have no personal connections to anyone involved. I cannot imagine how difficult it will be for those who are connected to the school or the children to move on with life. They should be able to get professional help in dealing with this. But money? No. Maybe assistance for the families of the teachers since they will no longer have that income. And assistance with the cost of the funerals. Assistance with medical bills for the survivors. But 100 mil? That's a little crazy, and very greedy.

alpha... alphamom26

The KIDS are not sueing. They have NOTHING to do with that lawsuit. That poor child's greedy, disgusting PARENTS were sueing. I'm sure they would have built their "daughter" a nice masion to compentsate her for her trauma.  Just my 2 cents...

kateco2 kateco2

...this sentence makes me think the author of this story is just an idiot:

"No! Don't make them go in there! Don't make them leave their Mommies and Daddies!"

Yes - this was a horrible unspeakable tragedy, but are you really dumb enough to think that life doesn't have to go on for these poor little kids at some point?    Anyway.

lovin... lovinallofthem

im glad the suit was dropped or kicked  out..

sadly, i think it is only a matter of time before there ARE some lawsuits about school safety, class safety, district repsonibilities will come, maybe not now but in3-6 months i think there will be, and they will definitely try to keep them quiet.. :(


quinn007 quinn007

I absolutely agree this suit shouldn't have been brought.  But when I put myself in these parents shoes I can see where maybe this isn't a case of greed (except by the lawyer) but more making a poor decision after a life altering, absolutely terrifying experience for both you and more devastatingly, for your child, the one you are supposed to protect and keep safe, the one you love more than anything in life.  Quite possibly, in their immense grief, anger, and guilt over their powerlessness they lashed out. 

nonmember avatar diane davis

They should sue. Someone has to pay for the medical bills. This happened when they where attending school and was out of the parents control. School laws have mandated attendance and the parents had no choice about the school attendance. While the parents could have chosen another education option, the school should be held accountable for what happens to children while they are in control.

Texas... TexasSonrisa

Yes diane. Because the school could have totally prevented this. Completely illogical. Schools should be held accountable for the things they can and should CONTROL. No one could have ever predicted or prepared for this. Assistance and counseling should be provided, like Zamaria said. But suing? It honestly sounds like someone is trying to capitalize on a tragedy at the expense of a child.

nonmember avatar Juri

For some reason people feel that the state is exempt from any respoinsibility, when it kills children in the middle east, when the DoD poisons the water - when children mandated to attend a monopolized state education service are shot - they are not. It is a monopoly - which is why the educational system will not change - and why it is still a building designed like a jail cell. Suing the school board is the right thing to do - had this been a private school folks would have been calling the safety of private schools into question.

Rake these administrators over the coals - perhaps they'll leave the profession, which is the minimum I can hope for.

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