Terrifying Oregon Bus Crash Footage Shows It Was a Miracle Anyone Survived (VIDEO)

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oregon bus crashJust hearing the details of the horrific tour bus crash off I-84 in Oregon is enough to give you the chills, but seeing the visuals adds a whole new dimension of terror to the sad event. Video of the accident, from various different viewpoints, is going around the web today, in the wake of the crash that killed 9 people and injured 26, mostly Korean tourists who were traveling from a Las Vegas casino to Vancouver, Canada. What a horrible end to what started out as a fun and carefree holiday for these international visitors.

The bus crashed along a seven-mile section of downhill road that was slicked over with ice and snow, making the traveling conditions less than optimal. The bus driver apparently lost control of the bus, which hit a useless steel guardrail before it went toppling down the hill, leaving a long black scar in the side of the mountain. Can you imagine being on that bus, trying to hold on to your seat as the bus careened downward? Rescuers perilously tracked down this pathway to get to the wrecked bus, which landed right-side up but badly smashed up.

Check out this video, which shows several different views of the crash, and see if you agree this was the bus ride from hell:

Have you ever been involved in a scary car accident?

Image via itnnews/YouTube



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butte... butterflyfreak

This is actually local news for me, and unfortunately, not the only fatal crash that happened on this road yesterday. Earlier that morning, a truck rolled over and killed the driver, making that a death toll of 10 on that road yesterday. I'm scared to death because my husband's best friend is taking that road today with his kids, driving to Idaho to see his girlfriend and bring her mom back home. I'm really hoping and praying that they get there and back without incident.

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