5 Children Die in Car Wreck & Their Parents Survive

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angelIt's horrific enough to consider losing even one child in a car crash, but in Mississippi, one family lost five children this weekend in the blink of an eye. According to the Associated Press, the five siblings appear to have drowned after the SUV in which they were riding veered off of the road Saturday evening and plunged into a creek just about 20 miles outside of Philadelphia.

They were identified as Dasyanna John, 9; Duane John, 8; Bobby John, 7; Quinton John, 4; and Kekaimeas John, 18 months. A 37-year-old identified as a friend of the family, Diane Chickaway, also died. Both parents -- Dewayne John and Deanna Jim -- survived, as did Chickaway's husband, though Dewayne remains hospitalized for hypothermia and water inhalation.

I can't even imagine how they will go on after such a profound loss. How could you?

According to sheriff reports, it wasn't a weather related crash as there was no ice on the road, nor was it raining. The creek, however, was swollen to unusually high levels from recent rains. Deputy County Coroner Marshall Prince told the AP: "It looked like he has just run off the road and went into the water. It was deep and swift. The vehicle was completely submerged."

Dewayne, who was driving, was tested to see if he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash, but official results aren't in. Hopefully that won't be a factor, as it would make this whole horrific incident even more tragic. No one was reportedly wearing seat belts or secured in any kind of a car seats at the time of the crash, which is unthinkable, but I'm not sure that would have helped in this case.

Regardless of how it happened, you know these parents are going to be reliving it their entire lives. I'm sure they'll be plagued with what ifs and if onlys and so many, many nightmares about the end of these beautiful young children's all-too-short lives.

The family is part of the 10,000-member Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, so it has surely hit that community hard as well. Hopefully, however, that community will also be able to offer support to them at this dire time and help them figure out how to go on. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.

How do you think people are able to go on after something like this?


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MamaH... MamaHasWings

I'm praying for these poor parents and Mr. Chickaway. What a tragic and sudden loss. While I do not advocate parents allowing their children to not wear seatbelts, as with the author I do not think it would have prevented the children drowning - it would have actually made it even harder to save them if that were possible. Rest in peace to all the souls lost and praying that those who survived find strength during this difficult time.

LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

I don't think I could live with myself if this happened to me. If I had only a single child left, I would cope somehow & take care of the child...but if I lost all of them? This breaks my heart. My thoughts are with the families.

nonmember avatar kevobx

Why is everyone called poor, when death comes knocking at the door? *Matthew 26:11 For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.

nonmember avatar kevobx

God is power, he and his kingdom. Satan is strength him already in the world.

kirby... kirbyland1986

Wow that must be really upseting the parents as they survived and their children didn't. If it was me I would shout why them why not me instead

nonmember avatar kaerae

Not a single one of the kids was in a carseat OR seatbelt, and the adults were not buckled in either. Preventable tragedy. Poor children, victims of moronic adults.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Also, Julie it absolutely WOULD have made a sifference, the kids were thrown around the inside of the vehicle and ejected, the vehicle was not crushed.

hopea... hopealways4019

So sad, I read about this earlier. I'm the mother of 5 one of my kids died in july. His death hurt me so bad, if I had lost all five of them? That's 5 heartbreak. I hope the parents recover this horrible lost. They gonna miss kids every second.

nonmember avatar Kelly

@hopealways4019. My condolences on your loss. I can't imagine one of my boys leaving this Earth before me. You will be in my prayers, and your family also.

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