Missing Toddler Found in the Cold Without Shoes or Mittens & the Mystery Is Just Beginning

alouette day-moreno-baltierra, missing toddler found
Missing toddler Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra

Brace yourself: this story will boggle your mind. A 17-month-old California girl who allegedly vanished two months ago was found alive in Kentucky. Wonderful news, right? Yes. Except there's more to this tangled case than meets the eye.

The toddler, Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra, is not, as you'd expect, back safely in her mother's arms. Instead, she's with Child Protective Services. Why? Because her mom -- who reported the baby missing in October -- may be involved in her daughter's "disappearance," according to police.

And apparently so is a woman claiming to be her maternal grandmother, Maria Baltierra-Dejesus. Cops found the 62-year-old "suspicious woman" pushing the little girl in her stroller Thursday in a University of Kentucky parking lot. The child was reportedly wearing only light clothing and no shoes, hat, or mittens despite below-freezing weather.

But that's not even the worst of it ...

Alouette was suffering from the first signs of frostbite -- not surprising considering the ridiculous way she was dressed -- but it looks like she's going to be okay. Baltierra-Dejesus, who officers said gave them a fake name at first but eventually told them she was the child's grandmother, acted dodgy about what she was doing with the baby and why she was there.

She had Alouette's birth certificate, but there still seems to be doubt as to whether she is who she claims to be (though the latest reports say cops confirmed that she is the toddler's grandma). Baltierra-Dejesus, who is from New York, has been charged with child endangerment and custodial interference.

You'd think this poor baby's mom Dominique Baltierra would want to protect her daughter -- and maybe, in some twisted way, she does -- but she, too, may be caught up in this bizarre thing somehow. After filing the missing child report in October and saying she didn't know where her daughter and mother were, she tried to retract it a day later. It's not clear why. Was she afraid of her mother (if it is, in fact, her mother) or trying to cover for her? Did she want the child taken away from her because she couldn't handle her? Were the two after ransom money or attention?

Even more strange are details that Baltierra-Dejesus was being supported financially by her family while she was on the run with the baby and tried to flee to France or Holland.

It's anybody's guess right now what the deal is here, but hopefully the investigation will yield some solid answers. And hopefully, authorities will either reunite beautiful little Alouette with one or both of her parents if they aren't involved in her disappearance -- or find a loving home for her, one where she's taken good care of by people who truly want what's best for her.

What do you think is the real story here?


Image via University of Kentucky Police

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femal... femaleMIKE

I think they need to keep the toddler in protective care.  The mother sounds suspicious.  I am glad the toddler is okay.

Gypsy... GypsyMa76

No clue what the real story is, it's just great the baby is safe now.

MamaH... MamaHasWings

Hopefully answers will be found rather than more questions raised. Thankfully the baby is alive and in good health - that is the most important thing!

tuffy... tuffymama

I think that poor kid is lucky to be away from those loons. Further proof that sometimes the least deserving are unfortunately fertile while some good people are unable to have kids.

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

I have a 19 month old (and 4yo, 6yo) and if any if them went missing I would do any and everything in my power to have them found. I'd make sure it was all over the news and social media. This is the first I have heard of this toddler being missing...This story just seems fishy and like its quite possible the mother was involved. I'm so glad she was found and is protective custody. I hope they do a lot of investigating before placing her with her parents. And if they weren't involved then I'm sure this was the best news they'll ever receive.

Steen... Steenie2011

DSS should take that baby and give her to a family that will love and take care of her! There is NO excuse for your baby getting frost bite!!!!! Sick people. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

So messed up...

3grea... 3greatkids751

So incredibly sad. I bundle my kids up whenever they go outside cause I'm worried they will be cold. I can't imagine making them freeze intentional. I'm glad this sweet baby is out of those crazy ass ppls hands. I hope she is placed with someone who deserves her and is going to take care of her.

doodledo doodledo

No mention of the father. Maybe they were trying to keep the child from the father for some reason.

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