Woman Whose Vicious Gang Rape Sparked Massive Protests Dies of Her Injuries

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A horrific crime that shocked India and sparked violent protests has gotten even more shocking. A woman who was gang raped so severly that she received severe organ damage has died. The unidentified woman, who was 23, was riding on a bus with a male friend after seeing a movie when six men attacked them, and gang raped the woman and inserted a metal rod into the woman's body. She and the man were then stripped and thrown off the bus. The woman received brain damage and internal injuries. In India, rape often goes unreported because women are blamed for it. This case so shocked the nation that thousands have been protesting since it happened, demanding better protection for women.

After the attack, the woman was flown to a hospital in Singapore, but her condition worsened. She has since died.

India rarely sees protests of this magnitude, and there are hardly ever debates about women's rights or protecting women from sexual predators. Rape is considered "shameful" to a woman and her family and she bears the brunt of the "blame" for it, so rapes normally go unreported.

The protests got so violent that police had been called on them to control the crowds. Due to this latest news that the woman had died, areas around government offices were cordoned off, but thousands still came out to protest.

Rapes, dowry-related deaths, and the murder of female infants is still common in India but rarely discussed. The tragic case of this female victim is changing that.

Sonia Gandi, a powerful Indian politician, said:

Your voice has been heard. It deepens our determination to battle the pervasive and the shameful social attitudes that allow men to rape and molest women with such impunity.

I certainly hope this poor woman's fate doesn't end up being for nothing. I've traveled to India in the past, and enjoyed the country and its people. But I was definitely struck by the poverty -- at one point, I saw a woman breastfeeding an infant in a small shandy town surrounded by a garbage pile, where she apparently lived with a bunch of other small children. I crawled over an embankment to get to her and handed her all of the money I had. She just stared at me. There was a dead look in her eyes. I think she'd lost all touch with reality and didn't quite understand what had just happened. It was heartbreaking.

May this poor woman rest in peace and may India continue to progress in women's rights.

Have you been following this case?


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merma... mermaid13dragon

Yes.so tragic, I've been following this case. I simply don't comprehend how a group of men could do this? A metal rod, don't they have sisters or mothers? I am so glad murder charges will be prosecuted. A very disturbing case to say the least!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

May they rot in an Indian jail.  Forever.

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

And may they all have metal rods shoved up there asses... Daily

cmjaz cmjaz

They said that they didn't even expect murder charges against the men who did this...that's how bad it is for women there. But looks like the government DID bring muder charges. Good for them. Maybe her horrible death will mean something for other Indian women.

I was curious though. India is a Hindu nation. I thought they were peaceful, but the news reports are saying that rapes have increased almost a thousandfold in the past 10 to 15 years. What's going on over there?

Maias... MaiasMommy619

The truth is that rape is everywhere. All over the world. It doesn't get reported in a lot of india because the women are so embarrassed by what happened and are so scared that they will never get married that it never makes it to a police station. It's sad and disgusting and I can't believe a "man" would ever conceive an idea to even do this to someone. And also In India it depends on whether you are in a big city or small ghetto. If you're in a large city this will be a big deal. The police will help you bring charges etc...but In a small ghetto town they wont even bat an eye at this. Things need to change in some parts of India.

Lori254 Lori254

I can't this men are total jerks... What were they thinking?

mamaw... mamawidup

In india, and many other middle east countries, the reason women stay covered up is because they are considered the sexual ones. Although we ALL know that the person who is doing the raping is to blame, they instead shift blame to the woman for provoking such an act. its very sad, and its even more sad that they don't know anything beyond what happened hundreds of years before them, and unfortunely many years to come.

SKDMo... SKDMom1020

I hope there is a special place in hell for these monsters!

jalaz77 jalaz77

This is sad. I have been following this case. What a horrible way to the end of her life. Poor poor girl and her family.

jessa... jessasmamma

The Hindu religion is VERY peaceful. But just like Christians, Catholics, etc. there are bad people who claim every religion. My daughter is 1/4 indian - her Grandpa practices Hinduism and moved here from India (30+ years ago). MOST indian men love/respect their wives and females, but there is a small percentage of the Indian population who are horrible to women. Considering India has a population of over 1 billion people, that small fraction is still A LOT of people. it's horrible and sad. I am thankful that my daughter's family over in India is NOT like that. Something definitely needs to be done in the areas where this type of behavior and thinking is so common.

I cannot imagine the pain that this woman went through. A rape so severe it caused brain damage?!? It's unfathomable. I read another story that said the doctors had to remove her intestines because the metal rod caused so much damage?? Horrifying. I hope her family is able to get through their pain.. I just can't even begin to think of the suffering they are experiencing.. May she RIP </3

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