'Pregnant' Teen's Boyfriend Allegedly Sat On Her Until She Suffocated

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Oh, how I wish women would get away, far far away, from bad boyfriends. But, sadly, often they do not. And then it's too late. This particular story is bizarre and twisted enough to be the plot of a soap opera. A 19-year-old man, Benjamin Klinger, from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, is charged in the murder of his 17-year-old girlfriend, Samantha Heller. And it's possible he did it because he thought she was pregnant. But listen to how he did it -- your stomach is sure to churn.

Benjamin and Samantha were riding in a car along Route 283 when it's alleged that Benjamin suddenly sped up the car and got into a crash on purpose -- allegedly trying to kill his girlfriend. When she was still breathing after the crash, prosecutors say he sat on his girlfriend's head and torso until she died.

Samantha had been telling friends and family in the weeks before the crash that she was pregnant. But she'd also hinted that perhaps Klinger, her boyfriend, wasn't the father. Benjamin and Samantha apparently had a rocky on-off relationship and people described him as being jealous, controlling, and abusive.

After the crash, the man told police that his girlfriend had been stretched out in the back of the car because she was pregnant and more comfortable that way -- but forensics determined that he was lying and she was actually in the front seat. Also, that she didn't die from impact, but from asphyxia (suffocation) consistent with her being sat on.

The kicker is that the autopsy determined she wasn't pregnant after all -- which brings up a whole slew of questions. Was she faking the pregnancy to try and "keep" this winner in a relationship? If so, terrible move. Women will sometimes try to protect themselves from an abusive partner by getting pregnant, but this can backfire and the man becomes even more abusive.

And did she really tell people -- possibly even Benjamin himself -- that he may not be the father? Could that have been the motive? Or could Samantha have actually thought she was pregnant?

Rihanna might want to stay with a man who hit her, but other women should seriously think twice. Because abusive relationships are incredibly dangerous.

What do you think happened here?


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nonmember avatar Christina

Really? Was the Rihanna dig necessary? She is an adult if she chooses to forgive Chris Brown then that is her decision. He hit her not you. Get over it.

nonmember avatar Dee

She's a public figure endorsing being with a man who beat the living daylights out of her. She's young and I understand she's obviously got no self esteem and has major issues, but because she makes millions in the limelight shes showing other young girls that this is ok. It's not, he will beat her again. Hopefully not to death next time.

tuffy... tuffymama

Rihanna needs always to be held up as an example of what not to do with an abusive sack of shit who hits you. It's only a matter of time before that dickbomb blows up again. I don't like Kiri much at all, but there's nothing wrong with her bringing up Rihanna in reference to women who fool around with woman beaters.

SaphireH SaphireH

ok lets all worry about the stupid Rihanna comment and NOT the fact that this slime ball killed his girlfriend over a pregnancy that may not have existed or if it did why kill her if its not his baby just dump her ass. truth or lie she didnt deserve to die but just be dumped if he didnt want to be a daddy

nonmember avatar KXG

seems this abusive relationship was a TWO-way street. if she was painting herself as pregnant and then hinting HE was not the father she contributed to her own death. not condoning what he did, but let's not paint it as if she were as saintly pure as the fresh blown snow in this either ok?

melad... meladyvee

I REALLY don't understand why Rihanna's one incident has become the poster child for abused women everywhere. Chris Brown grew up in an abusive home and had ONE violent incident. They are just doing what they want to do--not 'endorsing' anything. Charlie Sheen's been smacking his women/wives around, using drugs and prostitutes for YEARS; and even made a show worth millions that pokes fun at his lifestyle. Yet no-one bashes him or keeps harping on his flaws like the Rihanna/CB incident. They've moved on--other people should too. This story is VERY sad--as are all abuse scenarios. People go back to abusers EVERYDAY and they've been doing it since the beginning of time. Stop judging people and help them-or shaddup!

nonmember avatar Michael

I'm a nice guy however girls don't want me....

I guess I'm not bad enough.Sad commentary on girls these days.

Bella... Bellarose0212

She contributed to her own death? KXG? Are you the boyfriend or his friend/family member or something? First of all, it is not clear that she was faking it, maybe she thought she was pregnant. But, even if she was was faking a pregnancy and sleeping around with half the town, she wasn't CONTRIBUTING TO HER OWN DEATH. You know what she WAS contributing to, in that case? Him breaking up with her! Because that is the normal human response to someone who is treating you like crap, NOT causing a car crash and then suffocating that person.

candy... candyw210

WOW KXG! What a heartless comment! regardless of what was done or said by the victim she did NOT contribute to her own death! Her bastard boyfriend made the decision on his own to kill his her. None of us were there and it's speculation as to what she said or did about being pregnant. With that said even if she did think or say she was pregnant or say he was not the father that does not give him the right to take her life! The audacity of you KXG to say that an innocent victim contributed to their own murder! You are a complete prick and are probably someone that knows the murderer. How would you feel if this was your daughter KXG? Would you be saying the same thing that she contributed to her own murder by saying she was pregnant? I think not you prick.

nonmember avatar Julia

Wow Really, Rhianna? Let's all keep bringing that up. Ummm I remember her being asked SEVERAL times if she attacked or hit Chris Brown first and her refusing to answering several times!! Being a victim of abuse I believe no man should hit a woman, but I am also a firm believer if you keep going at any man long enough there is only so much they can take. Give that Rhianna stuff up. Chris Brown is the idiot for going that route again. This is a very sad story and you bring up that pathetic mess. SMDH

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