President Obama and Michelle Reveal Their 'Hot Marriage' Secret

The Obamas tell how they keep their sex life hotQuite frankly, I could really care less about celebrity sex lives; however, when I heard that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama recently shared the secret to keeping their own marriage hot, you can bet my ears perked up.

Considering they've been together for 20 years (wow!) and have (or at least, appear to have) a pretty awesome relationship, I'd say their advice might be something I'd want to hear, especially considering how hard I'm working on my own marriage.

And I have to say after reading what keeps their fires burning, I was pretty optimistic that it could work in my own relationship, and maybe even yours too.


Apparently all it takes to keep things hot in your relationship, at least according to the Obamas, is to work through the tough times.

WHAT? That's it?

Yes, apparently I can toss out all those sex toys or blow-up dolls. Ha. All it takes is good old-fashioned hard work, which, by the way, also takes time. And more energy than the battery-operated gadgets. 

It doesn't hurt that Michelle Obama is a stone cold fox.

I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised, considering how much better my own marriage has gotten after doing just that: working through the tough times.

But I'll also say that it's way easier said than done. In fact, I'm pretty sure it would be a whole lot easier to just buy a big bottle of lube and some porn and call it a day, though I imagine that won't serve anyone well in terms of relationship longevity.

The truth is that when you work at something, when you stick together when times are really rough (and I will be the first to say that marriage with kids is rough, I can't imagine marriage with kids and a presidency!), you gain a different appreciation for your partner. And as you get older, it's not just a sexy set of abs or a hot butt that does it but rather a strong person, a good communicator, and someone who stands up for what they believe in.

Though I'm guessing there's probably some hot stuff happening between POTUS and FLOTUS in the bedroom. However, I'm perfectly happy with them keeping all that information private. Sort of like hearing my parents talk about sex. LALALALALALALA.

How do you keep the fire burning in your own relationship?


Photo via jurvetson/Flickr

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