Shark Tank Explodes All Over People & Now We Have to Worry About Exploding Shark Tanks (VIDEO)

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shark tank explodesYou know how sometimes you're just taking a leisurely stroll through your local aquarium when all of a sudden one of those pesky panic attacks hits and you're like, Oh my god, what if that tank filled with sharks explodes and gallons of water come rushing at me and a shark flies in my face?! No, of course you don't, because why in the hell would you have a panic attack about something so extremely unlikely?

Well, turns out it's not so extremely unlikely after all. So go ahead and add "exploding shark tanks" to your list of phobias, because if a 33-ton shark tank with 6 inch-thick glass walls can explode all over these shoppers in a Shanghai shopping mall, it can certainly happen to you.

Yup. A "decorative aquarium" located, oddly, in a Shanghai shopping center lobby randomly cracked and shattered, much to the surprise of the shoppers who went from gazing curiously at fish and turtles and lemon sharks to practically drowning in presumably stinky aquarium water and being slashed with shards of glass in roughly two seconds flat.

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You've got to see it to believe it:

AAAACK!!! Can you imagine?? 15 people -- 15 people!! -- were injured in the explosion. (3 sharks died, sadly.) But the take-home message here, people, is that you now have one more freakishly freaky thing to freak out about. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the aquarium ...

Have you ever heard of something like this happening?


Image via dominetnews/YouTube

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Desti... Destiny907

I HATE when that happens!!!

CadesMum CadesMum

I bet that shark tank was made in China

imamo... imamombygrace

This is why I do not like those tunnels in the aquariums, either. I've watched jaws!

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

^^^ LOL! I was just thinking about that. Jaws 3, when they're at Sea World. Good grief.

CPN322 CPN322

No and that has always been a fear of mine whenever I've been around large tanks like that. I really don't like sharks because I am terrified of them but I'm sad 3 died :(

kisse... kisses5050

somehow I bet I could out run a shark out of water

Savan... SavannaGirl88

This is why I HATE walking through aquarium tunnels. I cannot swim and they just freak me out. I really don't like aquariums they scare but I really hate it when the water is all around me. This justifies my fears. 

taira... tairakittie

oddly enough, this has always been one of my fears, especially when your in the shark tunnel at Sea World... O.o

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