'Misidentified' Man Locked Up in Psychiatric Hospital Was Lucky to Be Injected With Dangerous Drugs

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hallwayThe way I see it, you've got your cases of mistaken identity, and you've got your cases of MISTAKEN IDENTITY, and this story definitely falls into the latter category. Because when a healthy man is "mistaken" for a recently-escaped mentally ill "involuntary patient" and locked up in a psychiatric hospital, that's not a mistake. That's a MISTAKE. Especially when that healthy man is injected with incredibly strong antipsychotic drugs. Which, by the way, damn near killed him. And it's a good thing, too! But I'll get to that part in a minute.

It all started when the aforementioned "involuntary patient" somehow managed to leave the psychiatric hospital in Western Perth, Australia. Police were, of course, notified, and two days later when they saw a man who fit the description, they picked him up. Presumably at this point the guy was like, Crikey! Hold on, mates! You've got it all wrong! Lemme go! (Because he's Australian, remember?) Presumably at that point the cops looked at each other and rolled their eyes and muttered, Yeah, that's what they all say. (Because that probably IS what they all say.) 

Things only got worse when they got to the mental hospital, where silly means of identification like fingerprints apparently aren't considered important. Crikey! said the staff. (Because.) That's him all right, sneaky devil. And then, for reasons unknown which probably involve lots of thrashing around and shouting, they injected the man with the anti-schizophrenia medication Clozapine, a drug known for such potentially dangerous adverse reactions it's generally reserved for use in "the treatment of severely ill patients who fail to show an acceptable response to adequate courses of standard antipsychotic drug treatment." And then, naturally, the guy had an adverse reaction.


Pretty much your worst nightmare, right? But consider this: If not for his adverse reaction, the guy might never have been transferred to a regular hospital and then what?! He mighta been stuck in the psych ward FOREVER! Shudder. (I feel like I've seen that movie. Have you seen that movie? What IS that movie?) Anyway. 

Would you sue the psychiatric hospital if you were this man?


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MissC... MissCatalina

Yes I would. Now let's see your impression of what this guy would say & how he would say it if he were black.

nonmember avatar Littlefrogs

I think both the hospital and the police who took him in are responsible. If someone is swearing up and down that they aren't the person you think they are, don't you think you would check?

nonmember avatar marie

Interesting but clozaril does not come as an injectable.

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

Seriously though!! I friggin hate when people make fun of Canadians by saying "eh". I've never once in my life and know NO ONE who says it! Lol

small... smallfryes

I decided to come back to this site after a long period off because I was so offended by most of the bloggers and this is the first thing I see!

Are you a 13 year old girl?!  This was disgusting.  And please, no comments about not having a sense of humor.  I find the blogess and Linda Sharps amusing.  This is not amusing.

There is a time to report with your tongue in cheek and a time to report with more dignity.  This would have been the latter.  This man was traumatized and then almost killed because of the ineptness of the Austrailian authorities and their mental facilities.

This should never have happened and you putting a humorous spin on it was uncalled for.  Grow up.

areyo... areyouatroll

This isn't funny at all.

funmo... funmommy123

That's scary!!! KInd of sound like american horror story-asylum.

weary... wearymoon

This is a scary and sad story and the guy should sue the hell out of that hospital. This isn't funny at all. That mistake is a fear to many, not just for mental hospitals but for prison as well. The movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (sp) with Jack Nicholson. Great movie and sad as hell because he went in the hospital sane, and the nurses and doctors made him insane. He didn't make it out.

sassy... sassy.sleever

I would sue in a heartbeat cuz he could of dead

tuffy... tuffymama

Horrifying! This poor man. I don't think I'd ever recover from having my person violated in such a manner. Can you imagine the total helplessness? The trauma? It's bringing tears to my eyes to think of what he endured. You can bet your ass I'd sue all their asses back to the Stone Age, from the cops to the staff to the institution owners and even the government, for causing so many holes in the care of the defenseless mentally ill. I guess we see why the patient escaped in the first place. I don't want to even imagine being subjected to such treatment. :'(

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