Ryan Lanza's 'I Am a Victim' Hoax by Facebook Imposter Is Shameful

Twisted 7

Poor Ryan Lanza. First, the man finds out that his brother, Adam Lanza, is implicated a horrific mass shooting of elementary school children in Newtown, Connecticut. He also loses his mother at the hands of his younger brother. But then the the media blames him for these despicable crimes. I can't imagine what he's going through. Now someone has seemingly taken it upon himself to start a fake Ryan Lanza Facebook page. On it, he called himself a "victim" of the massacre too. Only it turns out the page is a complete hoax.

The Facebook page purportedly belonging to Ryan Lanza told a Post reporter through chat, "I am a victim too" and "I loss [sic] my mom and brother" and "I will miss you bro. I will always love you as long as I live." The contents of the chat were published in The New York Post and picked up elsewhere.

A spokesperson for the Lanza family says the page and chat are completely fake and not written by Ryan Lanza. And if you look at the Facebook page, it's hard to believe it didn't cause reporters at least a twinge of suspicion.

Here's his "about" section:

I am Ryan Lanza. I am 24 years old. Yes, I am the brother of Adam Lanza. My brother killed 20 kids and 6 adults. Adam even killed our mother, Nancy. Everyone is saying that I am the shooter but I'm not. I wouldn't NEVER do that in my life. I am 100% innocent. I didn't know my brother would this. I am truly sad about what happen. I wish it didn't happen. I'm so sorry.

But then he goes on:

I don't like to talk about my brother, my mom or the innocent victims of Sandy Hook. Please don't ask me about my brother. And why he this either. Please, respect my wishes.

So you have an entire FB page dedicated to outing yourself as Adam's brother but then saying you don't want to talk about yourself? This either HAS to be fake or the work of an extreme narcissist. Additionally, "Ryan Lanza" had no friends and no interests other than the Newtown tragedy.

But the biggest hint the page is a big old fake? "Ryan Lanza" didn't join Facebook until Dec. 20, 2012! Even if the real Lanza deleted his FB account and then started a brand new one rather than re-activating his old account, it's unlikely he would come back as this bizarre incarnation. The media needs to leave this poor man alone.

What kind of person starts a fake Ryan Lanza page?


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bills... billsfan1104

You all fell for it too. Along with the media. You guys implicated him too in the shooting. Instead of ALL of you in the media just waiting, you ALL reported crap. I blame you on the theStir too. You and your colleagues have not apologized yet, either.

Oh and guess what, I posted on the other story it was a hoax, before this posting.

nonmember avatar Truth Teller

None of which would have happened if any one of the "news" sources that picked up the "story" bothered to verify the page. No one would would have even called Ryan Lanza a murderer if they had bothered to verify the identity of the shooter in the first place. But no, getting it first trumps getting it right. I don't care about getting my information fastest, I want FACTS and if I have to wait a few minutes for it, I can live with that. "And if you look at the Facebook page, it's hard to believe it didn't cause reporters at least a twinge of suspicion." Funny, your own "reporters" fell for it too. Hello, you posted on it yesterday!

Allie Davis

I think people need to leave Ryan alone. What his brother did, was out of his hands and he had nothing to  do with his brother's decisions.

And as for the press and everything, the only way i can put it is "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear."

bills... billsfan1104

OMG, I agree with Truth Teller.  Hell must be cold.  hahahahahahha

nonmember avatar Truth Teller

It had to happen some time. Maybe it's a Christmas miracle. ;)

Rita Curry

  Leave this young man  alone. He is grieving, along with the people who lost  someone  killed on  that,  very black day. It will take, a long time, for the grieving.nativity

nonmember avatar Katrina

NY Post was so desperate for a scoop that they deliberately ignored the signs that the page was fake. Either that or they're just stupid.

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