Truck Falls Through Ice & Takes Father-Daughter Bonding Trip to a Whole New Level


broken iceHere's a chilling story that's causing a buzz this weekend. A father and daughter wanted to do a little pre-holiday bonding, and decided to go ice fishing. So they set off out on Lake Winnipeg in a truck. Then, all of a sudden, the truck fell through the ice.

You can only imagine the terror they must have felt, seeing that ice cracking and knowing they were plunging into that freezing, icy water below. Maybe they screamed, maybe the prayed, or maybe they were just in shock, but it's pretty safe to say they knew they were looking death in the eye.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. While there aren't many details at this time, according to CTV, the father managed to escape the truck as it was sinking into the water, but his daughter (whose age and name haven't been released) was still in the truck. So he heroically went back into the vehicle, plunging under the icy water, and rescued her. They were then able to swim to shore.

Some people passing by drove them back to their home where they were fine. They called police just to let them know what happened and so that no one would worry.

Phew. It's amazingly fortunate that they're both okay, and now they have a pretty incredible tale to tell that's much better than any big fish they may have caught. You can bet it's a memory neither will ever forget, and talk about bumping up the father-daughter bonding exponentially.

It also serves as a pretty powerful reminder to anyone planning to do any outdoor activities, such as ice skating, ice fishing, and ice hockey. Just because water appears to be frozen doesn't always mean it is. Make sure you take every precaution if you plan to go on any type of ice.

Have you ever experienced a near-death situation like this with a relative? If so, how did it affect you?


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LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

If I were ice fishing, I think I'd walk.. I weigh a lot less than a truck would. Scary. Glad they are both ok!

eetfbf eetfbf

My Grandmother,my Brother and I was going back to pick up my stuff from another town for me to go stay with my Mom.I was four months pregnant. Don't remember nothing about the accident but  a big truck cross the highway didn't see us and hit us.My Brother was okay he sat in the back of the truck that  had a camper on it. He said he came to me forst to make sure  I was okay then he went to my Grandmother and she was seatbelted in but upside down drowning in her own blood my brother picked her up.They had to fly her out .She die two times on surgery table.I was confused didn't remember being pregant. My grand mother made it si did my baby.Thank God for my brothers quick thinking.

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