16-Year-Old Arrested for Online Threat to Teacher & We Should All Be Relieved

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keyboardIn the wake of the Connecticut school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, police across the country are taking every potential danger seriously. So when a 16-year-old allegedly posted an online threat to a teacher, he was arrested without hesitation.

The suburban Detroit student wrote "a very specific threat to a specific teacher in the district," the sheriff's department said. Naturally, they feared that teacher and the students could potentially be in danger. Some of you may dismiss this as cops over-reacting to a moody teen's rants, but read on first. The story gets much, much scarier.

Earlier in the week, the same child was charged with making a false threat of terrorism when he told classmates he was going to bring a gun to school. Both criminal charges are being handled by juvenile courts and -- if guilty -- this kid will get the help he needs. With the gun violence that has plagued our country, these are exactly the type of warning signs we need to pay attention to.

I hope students across the country are being subjected to the same scrutiny. At the top of every parent's mind is still the horrific Sandy Hook shooting that left 20 children and six faculty members dead. It just seems so senseless. There are really no words to adequately describe a tragedy of that magnitude. The frightening lesson in all of the many shootings that that have occurred: things we used to shrug our shoulders at and dismiss must be taken very, very seriously in this day and age.

Apparently dozens of Michigan schools canceled classes over the past week because of numerous rumored threats of violence. If kids who are on the verge of violence get help before they actually do something, then this world would be a safer place. As far as I am concerned, there is no over-reaction to what is happening in this country.

What do you think is the best way to curb the violence in this country?


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nonmember avatar Morgana

Go to Dailymail.com, click an article scroll to the comments and look at how other countries view Americans and their obsession with violence.

nonmember avatar Morgana

Dailymail.com.uk I mean

jessi... jessicasmom1

terriable things going on anymore

PonyC... PonyChaser

That being said, what needs to be done about the violence cannot be done overnight, and it cannot be done with more legislation. For years, we have allowed our children to be robbed of very important lessons in values and morality. We have told teachers that they cannot administer any kind of discipline. We worry about how our children feel at any given moment, even if they are being heinous brats and disrespecting everyone in sight. We have allowed the systematic dismantling of Right and Wrong, given our children trophies for simply showing up, and told mentally challenged kids that they are completely normal, and they need no more help than a personal assistant in a mainstream classroom.

We have told ourselves that it's perfectly ok to allow our children to watch horriffic, bloody movies, play video games where the object is to kill as many people as possible, and listen to songs about the degradation of our fellow man. And we continue to kid ourselves that this immersion in death has no affect on them; after all, "it's just fiction, and they know the difference!" We have reduced the killing of millions of babies to a "choice".


PonyC... PonyChaser

We need to start taking a stand here and now. Not in banning guns, but in teaching responsibility. In teaching respect for life and for others. In respect of authority, and yes, even a little fear of authority. There must be honest, swift, and consistent consequences for doing wrong, and no fear on the parent's part of hurting a child's feelings while doing so.

We took a LONG time to get here, it's going to take a LONG time to get back.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Damn it Ponychaser, I agree with you.

tuffy... tuffymama

Ditto. PC is on it.


That girl must be punish by the school authority.that is indecipline .

Kris Gamble

The obvious solution to violence is to throw moody teens in jail and introduce them to hardened criminals. Way to go! Forget "counseling" and "care for the mentally ill". That's for sissies.

nonmember avatar lidlmama1

I have to agree with ponychaser

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