8 After Christmas Sales Better Than Black Friday

presents The post-Christmas sales are upon us, and it's the second most wonderful time of the year. Now that the gift giving's all over, it's time to treat yourself. Since it's hard to find something full price the week before New Year's, take advantage of the deals and justify some massive purchases. It's what baby Jesus in a manger would want.

What's the best post-Christmas sale you've heard about?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Bath and body works is usually pretty awesome.

jkm89 jkm89

^ yes, their semi-annual sale starts tomorrow and they always have great stuff! I will be going there and to Old Navy!

lande... landerson0311

I'm broke, can't.... But it's ok. There isn't anything we need...

britn... britngavin

Kohl's is having it's Blitz sale tomorrow. 60-70% off Christmas stuff(or anything they got in for Christmas/a lot of the winter stuff) plus 15% off all purchases & if you spend over $100 you get 20% off. 

nonmember avatar NCC

Will be going to Old Navy. Realized on Christmas I have the same two dress shirts I've been wearing to every occasion! And their sales are good on clearance. I've walked out paying $1.50 for a shirt. American Eagle usually have good deals that apply to clearance as well.

lovin... lovinallofthem

LMBO!!! its what the baby Jesus would want..

LOL!! i dont normally do any after xmas shopping.. i just dont have the room for anything else ..but i do wish hubby were home from work so i could go get some clothesat KOHLS...

follo... followchristine

check out my sales! www.followchristine.com


Baby Jesus wants me to rave the sales crowds & spend my money?

Don't recall seeing that in the bible. lol!

holding cloth bag

uno-k... uno-knowme

Just went to old navy today....omg.got my kids tons of clothes for 5 or less a peice..Its a must to have patience though to be able to look through everything,,but very worth it !!!

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