NRA's 'Solution' to Sandy Hook Is More Guns -- Of Course (VIDEO)

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The NRA held a stunning press conference this morning in which the gun owners' association blamed everything from videogames to "gun free zones" in schools as the cause behind Adam Lanza's rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I think most of us, when we saw the NRA break its silence with the statement that "the NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again," we maybe imagined they would finally concede that semi-automatic weapons being obtained so easily weren't such a hot idea. But neeeeeeoooope. The NRA didn't bring that up. Instead, its solution is MORE guns in schools. Yeeeeeeep. Take a listen.

NRA President Wayne LaPierre said the group wants to sponsor a program that will bring guns into every school. They want to see "armed, trained qualified security school personnel" in every school, but give no details on whether they would fund that training. He also sees "dads who volunteer their time to patrol playgrounds." Yeeeahhh, sounds like a great idea, Wayne. You clearly don't read the news stories about crazy dads that I do every day. Not all dads are qualified to be roaming playgrounds with guns!

LaPierre also went on to blame everything from the media to videogames to HURRICANES (??) for the Sandy Hook shootings.

He said: "Will you at least admit it is possible that 26 little kids -- that 26 innocent lives might have been spared that day?"

Sure, Wayne. As soon as YOU admit that 26 little kids might have been saved that day if Adam Lanza hadn't been able to get a hold of a semi-automatic Bushmaster rifle. Also, no one has yet to explain how a guard armed with a pistol was going to take out a guy with three guns and a bulletproof vest. My guess is he would have just shot the guard. So you're going to have an armed guard with a machine gun at the front door of every school in America? Sounds like a recipe for something and it's not good times.

Anyway, I think we can all go back to reality now. For a moment, we thought the NRA might have come to its senses, but it's just as deluded as ever. If the NRA didn't stand to make a good deal of money from its little plan of arming everyone to the teeth, maybe I could take this a tad more seriously. But I can't. The NRA has helped get this country into the trouble it's in -- we can't allow it to get us deeper in.

I also find it interesting that of the parents and children of Newtown we've heard from so far -- none of them are calling for more guns in schools. In fact, they are all calling for less guns on the streets.

Here's some video of an anti-gun activist -- one of two who interrupted the conference.


Image via YouTube

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jagam... jagamama0710

While I don't have a problem with guns and responsible gun ownership in general, the NRA is a bunch of lunatics. 

momof... momof030404

Unarmed principal runs at ARMED gunman and is gunned down and man continues down the hall killing more babies. Thought....ARMED prinicipal runs down hall KILLS man lives AND saved many innocent lives. Yeah. NRA is nuts....

Doomy234 Doomy234

First of all... *clears throat*....*proceeds to laugh ass off* Now if you wonder why I am laughing my ass off please read the blog in which this topic was first brought up.

Now, by now most of you already know where I stand on this issue. So I wont go into its entirety. To answer the question of how to take down someone in a bullet proof vest; shoot them in the head. Duh? Even if they are wearing a helmet, some part of their head will be less protected than others, most likely the face. Secondly, just because one wears a bullet proof vest does not make someone invicible. A bullet proof vest only prevents penetration of a bullet, but you can still feel the force. Its kind of like taking a baseball bat to someones chest while they are wearing a phone book. You might not feel all the force of being struck, BUT YOU WILL FEEL IT and if you hit them repeatedly in the chest they will have all the wind knocked out of them. Tell me thats not enough time to apprehend someone?

Austin Keenan

The NRA is actually a marketing and lobby organization run by the gun manufacturers.   The members think their purpose is to represent them but in reality their purpose is to market to them.

Most of the assault weapon gun deaths are criminals killing criminals (drugs/gang crap).    Are they going to confiscate their guns?     That's a question for the democrats since it's mostly their constituents!


kelti... kelticmom

So their suggestion is to turn our elementary schools into veritable fortresses? You know what other institutions have armed guards patrolling the halls and grounds? Prisons. I agree with maybe an armed officer at the door, but this "giving every teacher a gun" mania I have being seeing everywhere makes me nervous.

momof... momof030404

No omne is saying give every teacher a gun. But there is a school in TX where teachers ARE allowed to conceal and carry. They won't say how many teachers. Now be COMPLETELY honest. If a criminal is looking at two schools/homes/businesses ect and one he KNOWS has people with concealed weapons and one where they dont which one do you think he is heading for? You can't UNring a bell. This IS hapenning. Schools ARE getting shot up. No one is saying gaurds walking the halls with Oozies but have trained teachers/staff with guns is NOT a bad idea!


the4m... the4mutts

Keticmom- I agree that arming EVERY teacher sounds insane. however, I believe that if a teacher already posesses a CCW, that they should be allowed, and even advised, to take extra training courses, and be allowed to bring their guns on campus. I have never heard of a law-abiding citizen, with proper training, and legally obtained, legally concealed firearms, shooting up a school.

And I think our schools need more protection, period. Whether it be trained, retired vets, armed guards, or more campus officers, we need more for our kids.

Not directed at you, just in general:

I find it hypocritical that the president has armd guard swarming his house, 24/7, with high powered assault rifles included in those numbers, and now wants to re-institute a ban on high powered rifles. Yeah dude, the NRA are the crazy ones, and the president is the one with the right idea *extreme sarcasm*

nonmember avatar Sam

@momof030404 - just as realistic a scenario - armed principal runs after armed gunman, shoots, misses and kills a student. Just as plausible as yours just less "Hollywood movie hero".

kelti... kelticmom

Actually, I have heard/read on Facebook, Twitter, this site, my work, etc - people suggesting every teacher trained and issued a weapon, having armed guards in the halls, retired vets on the playgrounds patrolling, etc. I don't pretend to know the answers, but I think the "ban all guns" and "arm teachers" crowds are both knee-jerk reactions and obviously not feasible. We need to find a reasonable mixture of better gun laws, better school security, better resources for mental health care to make a difference. And 4mutts, the Secret Service is a branch of law enforcement and not exclusive to Obama, so it's hardly hypocritical.

kelti... kelticmom

And the "shoot them the head if they are wearing a bulletproof vest" argument? Yes. Because when a shooter is firing multiple rounds at you per second with a semi automatic and you have a handgun, your odds of hitting them square in the head are so good.

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