NRA's 'Solution' to Sandy Hook Is More Guns -- Of Course (VIDEO)

The NRA held a stunning press conference this morning in which the gun owners' association blamed everything from videogames to "gun free zones" in schools as the cause behind Adam Lanza's rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I think most of us, when we saw the NRA break its silence with the statement that "the NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again," we maybe imagined they would finally concede that semi-automatic weapons being obtained so easily weren't such a hot idea. But neeeeeeoooope. The NRA didn't bring that up. Instead, its solution is MORE guns in schools. Yeeeeeeep. Take a listen.


NRA President Wayne LaPierre said the group wants to sponsor a program that will bring guns into every school. They want to see "armed, trained qualified security school personnel" in every school, but give no details on whether they would fund that training. He also sees "dads who volunteer their time to patrol playgrounds." Yeeeahhh, sounds like a great idea, Wayne. You clearly don't read the news stories about crazy dads that I do every day. Not all dads are qualified to be roaming playgrounds with guns!

LaPierre also went on to blame everything from the media to videogames to HURRICANES (??) for the Sandy Hook shootings.

He said: "Will you at least admit it is possible that 26 little kids -- that 26 innocent lives might have been spared that day?"

Sure, Wayne. As soon as YOU admit that 26 little kids might have been saved that day if Adam Lanza hadn't been able to get a hold of a semi-automatic Bushmaster rifle. Also, no one has yet to explain how a guard armed with a pistol was going to take out a guy with three guns and a bulletproof vest. My guess is he would have just shot the guard. So you're going to have an armed guard with a machine gun at the front door of every school in America? Sounds like a recipe for something and it's not good times.

Anyway, I think we can all go back to reality now. For a moment, we thought the NRA might have come to its senses, but it's just as deluded as ever. If the NRA didn't stand to make a good deal of money from its little plan of arming everyone to the teeth, maybe I could take this a tad more seriously. But I can't. The NRA has helped get this country into the trouble it's in -- we can't allow it to get us deeper in.

I also find it interesting that of the parents and children of Newtown we've heard from so far -- none of them are calling for more guns in schools. In fact, they are all calling for less guns on the streets.

Here's some video of an anti-gun activist -- one of two who interrupted the conference.


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