Nancy Lanza's Small Funeral Is Sad Reminder That She Was a Victim Too

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nancy lanzaAs teachers and students are laid to rest in Newtown, Connecticut, a few hours north, there was another, less publicized burial. Adam Lanza's mother Nancy Lanza's funeral took place in her hometown of Kingston, New Hampshire on Thursday. It was a private memorial held at her brother's house and approximately 25 family members were in attendance. All James Champion, Lanza's brother, could say was that it was a "very hard time right now."

There's just something so sad about Nancy Lanza's funeral. Here's a woman we don't know much about other than the grain-of-salt facts that she was a gun enthusiast and an over-wrought mother who lived in a small New England town. We don't know, yet, what exactly happened when her son came into her bedroom and shot her. Maybe there was a struggle. Maybe she tried to stop him. Maybe she didn't even have time to realize what was happening before her fatal wound.

She's a woman who's received her fair share of the blame for the Sandy Hook shooting. If only she didn't have those guns. If only she'd done something different with Adam. If only she could've known what her son was capable of, maybe those kids would still be alive today. While there may be a certain amount of truth in those statements, at some point, you can't blame the parent any longer for the actions of their child. The government says that age is 18. Adam was 20.

Nancy's been painted more as a criminal than a victim -- she's been depicted as some sort of rare breed of scapegoat, pawn, pigeon, casualty, and mother. But no matter how we outsiders view things, I hope her family remembers her for who she really was, whoever that may be.

How do you feel about Nancy Lanza?



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Austin Keenan

She knew her son was mentally challenged.    She bought the guns.    She introduced him to the "joys" of shooting.    She didn't sufficiently secure the guns to make sure her mentally challenged son wouldn't get them.    She's definitely partially responsible for putting herself and those kids at risk. 

One of his baby sitters said that she told him to never let Adam out of his sight or turn his back on him.    What was she thinking when she introduced guns to this kid?!    I seriously question her mental state.  

junecat junecat

I'm glad she was killed first - can you imagine her knowing what her son had done with her guns?  I also feel she is to blame for the whole mess, though.  He tried to buy guns on his own, but could not.  Had she not owned all those guns, perhaps it never would have happened.  I blame her for the entire incident - knowing her son was unstable, she should not have kept the guns in her home.

paren... parentalrights1

People are disgusting. Those kids had to die but people who will shame this poor woman get to live

Mark Clarks

I think if he wanted to kill it even would do without, he could kill with an ax or a knife and these things are available to everyone, I think, that blaming the mother is senseless and baseless ... She was absent for almost three days - he had plenty of time to plan the massacre and certainly would have done it any other tool

Mark Clarks


cmjaz cmjaz

I was saddened today when only 26 bells were rung in church for the victims of sandy hook. It should have been 27

Heath... HeatherMazzone

@cmjaz I thought the same thing. She was a victim too. Why is she not acknowledged as one like everybody else? Although I don't agree with her introducing guns to her obviously disturbed son, she doesn't deserved to be out in the same level as the shooter.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Put on* the same level. stupid phone.

nonmember avatar Riss

Regardless of what she did and didn't do (which is mostly speculation) she is a victim. Can you imagine being killed by your own child? My stepfather taught me to shoot, I know how to access his guns because once, my mom told me how to get into the safe. I also was once told not to let a child out of my sight- very protective parents of a child who put EVERYTHING in his mouth- rocks, garbage, toys. I see all these people coming forward to tell about the shooter looking for their 15 minutes of fame, not caring whether that actually means anything for what has occurred. Think before you speak, and remember that nothing is as simple as it may seem when the media speaks!

crs2442 crs2442

What kind of person are you, when you can say this woman is NOT a victim? This woman's son was 20 years old, not 5. At what point can we give parents a break?? You don't know how their lives were, you don't know how hard she tried to help him. Maybe she saw significant improvement in her son and wanted to share something she enjoyed doing with him. Its safe to say that she paid the price for what may have been a poor choice in judgement. Either way, saying she is to blame, or that she deserved this is honestly sick. And unfortunatley a true testament to how our country really is.

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