The 9 Worst Behaved Men of 2012 (PHOTOS)

KonyWhat is wrong with some people? Is it mental illness? Evil? Grand Thief Auto? We may never know what goes on the minds of men that throw decent human behavior out the window and hurt, assault, or even kill their victims.

Whatever made them do it; there were a lot of bad dudes in the news in 2012. From a philandering general to a psycho child murderer, the span of bad behavior is all over the evil spectrum. Here’s hoping for a shorter list in 2013.

Image via ra_coons/Flick

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Lindsey Shackelford

How can you lump Bobby Petrino, and Petreaus in with these child abusers and mass killers? I mean, yeah, It's scummy to be having affairs, but I wouldn't say it compares in any way to murder, abuse, or torture.

Laura-Kathleen Redman

Lindsey:  Look who posted it.  Honestly, I was a little surprised she didn't find a way to work Obama in to her list. 


I think putting Petraeus(Betrey-us)and the secret service is apt for your title is correct;behaving badly. To lump them in with the likes of mass murdering fuck heads,not so much. Come on Jenny I know you put everyone to a higher standard ,but really?

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I guess these guys are on Santa's naughty list. 

Algeria Touchshriek

Despite our political differences I'm not going to bash you on this one Jenny.  Still, a better format might "The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Men in 2012."

"Good" would be a list of good guys (like your favorite person, Barack Obama!)

"Bad" would be for the seriously twisted bastards like Adam Lanza, James Holmes, and Jerry Sandusky.

"Ugly" would be for public figures who look their personal **** pollute the airwaves like Petrino and the like.

Algeria Touchshriek

*Should have read "who let their personal **** pollute the airwaves..."



Hopefully I'll be forgiven for wanting these guys to roast in hell.devil mini

Estel... EstellaHavisham

Definitely think there is a difference betwixt bad behavior and being a homicidal maniac. 

bills... billsfan1104

I agree with others. The title of this is wrong. Maybe if you just includes the cheaters and the child molester to murderer it would of been fine.

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