Good Samaritan Mom Takes in Hurricane Sandy Victim Living in Desperate Conditions (VIDEO)

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FickrTwo months have passed since Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the northeast coast, and in some neighborhoods, very little has changed.

Shockingly, some are still without power and hot water and food and transportation is still hard to come by.

One New York mother went far above and beyond in order to help a single mom and her kids escape the hurricane's devastation.

See their story -- and find out how you can help others just like them -- after the jump. has information on how you can directly help hurricane survivors (click on 'Locations' and 'Rockaway' to help this neighborhood in particular), and Leni Calas also has a program you might be interested in on her site,

It's called Family to Family. If you participate, Leni will connect you with a family in need. You can coordinate to send them a one-time donation or supplies, or you can partner with them, keep in touch, and help them in whatever way you see fit.

One thing's certain -- many, many people are still desperately in need. It was really shocking to see how dire the situation still is in the Rockaways. If you're looking for people to help this holiday season, hurricane victims in these hard-hit areas are definitely a worthy option.


Image via Dakine Kane/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Don

If GWB was still president this would be the lead story every night on the news. Since its a Dem, its ignored. So the good people of NY are getting exactly the government they voted for. I want to feel bad, but I won't. You can't fix stupid.

John Jamison

I do not have a lot of pity for these people. They voted for Bloomberg, Cuomo and Obama and guess what, this is what they deliver. Sometimes democracy gives you what you ask for--congratulations. If you don't hold your elected officials to task for their behavoir, why will they ever change. Sorry, no pity here.

miche... micheledo

The comments above are a bit rude. I completely agree that the media would be blaming the president if he wasn't so well liked by them. It did not take Bush two months to respond.

However, I feel awful for the people. It has been so cold and to see a mayor not care about you, but the more well off sections of town are - well that is just wrong. And I am sure not everyone voted for the democrats! :)

tuffy... tuffymama

It drives me nuts that Obumbler just promised 20 military jets to the Muslims who wanna kill us, but there's no money to help these fools who voted his shady ass into office. Fools. We are a nation of fools, from top to frickin bottom.

nonmember avatar Zuri

Are you freaking kidding me?!? All that's on this thread is hate for Obama?!?!? Are we really going to politicize this hurricane and use it to make Obama look bad?!? I write this from my home in New York, using two luxuries one of my friends doesn't have right now: electricity and a roof over her head. You want the whole state to go rot because we voted for Obama?!?!? What the freak is wrong with you?!?!? If a Democrat said this about Louisiana in 2005, they still wouldn't be able to show their faces out in public TO THIS DAY!!!! Unbe-freaking-lieveable how HEARTLESS some people are right now!!!!! And please stop comparing Obama's response to Sandy to Bush's response to the massive hurricane he had to deal with. Were we rotting in toxic sludge for five days?!? NO! It took Obama two days to physically get down here, but he had FEMA on the ready while Sandy was still swirling in the ocean! I'm DISGUSTED by how cold and calculating some people are! Because all that matters is getting your party's color on a map enough, right?!? Screw red states and blue states. We are the UNITED States of America, and don't you forget it!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar K

I'm in NY, on the water on the South Shore of Long Island. 3 little ones (7, 6, 4). We were without heat and hot water from 10/29 until 2 days ago. We had 5 feet of flooding, lost our car, and tons of clothes. We're the lucky ones on the block; my neighbors lost everything. I haven't heard ANY of them politicizing their losses. We're NYers; we don't b*tch, we do. For those who are sympathetic, I thank you. For those politicizing this, get a clue. Not all of us voted for Obama. In fact I've never voted, for anyone, in any office. I guess most of you haven't figured it out yet, but at this point the office of president has devolved into a puppet show. He's only there for 4-8 years. The people in power are those with the money that is blacked out in the budget (ie. Military, CIA, etc.) But keep wishing others ill. I hope it makes you feel better about yourself.

D.O.E. D.O.E.

i am in sask canada, and wish i could somehow really HELP, we have a huge finished basement that is sitting empty and unused......i could put a whole family down there.......i have no extra money to send or i gladly would. 

nonmember avatar Bernarda

How dare you people make this about politics? I can't believe grown women,some mothers no less, are saying things like this. I, at 13 years old, have lost faith inn humanity. I know there are good people the reason for this article shows it, but when the first two comments say things like they deserved what happened because of what the believed in and who they choose to vote for, it feels like all hope is lost.

nonmember avatar Loren Wilson

Ideal For SENIORS, SUVs, RVs, Vans, Pickups, Towing and Backing Up Vehicles. IT HAPPENED TO ALL OF US! You begin to change lanes and suddenly you need to swerve back to avoid that other vehicle you just didn't see in you're factory installed side mirror. That's the blind spot and every vehicle has them!

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