'War on Christmas' Coverage Is Starting to Look Like an 'SNL' Skit (VIDEO)

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fox and friends santa sal lizardAs Fox News continues to cover the biggest story of the month -- aka the "War on Christmas," of course! -- the secular culture-hating folks at Fox and Friends decided it was time to step it up and bring in the ultimate source to corroborate their tall tale: Santa Claus himself! Or at least a guy who plays Jolly Ol' St. Nick, Sal Lizard. Surprise, surprise -- he agrees that Christmas is being destroyed by "political correctness." Sort of. Err, maybe just a smidge.

Just in case you weren't sure what the story was about, Fox and Friends reminded us with blaring chyrons, "End the 'War' on Christmas: Pro Santa Won't Say 'Happy Holidays'" and "Ho-Ho-No Way!: Santa Won’t Be Politically Correct." Face. Palm.

If you don't already have a stress headache from just reading that, you can check out the segment below ...

Well, Sal Lizard seems quite likable! I can understand why he wouldn't want to go around wishing people just "Happy Holidays!" After all, Santa is a Christmas figure. I'd personally prefer if he'd tack "Happy Holidays!" onto his "Merry Christmas!" (because who knows if the little kids he's visiting with are Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, or Atheist ...?). But all right, whatever, he's Santa.

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That said, the party who really comes off looking ridiculous here is, of course, Fox's talking heads (for once!). Gretchen Carlson was shamelessly nudging the jolly ol' guy to rail out on her ridiculous ruse about growing "secularization" and "political correctness" poisoning the holidays. But it really seemed like he couldn't wholeheartedly, genuinely agree with her. Ha. When your most credible source on the subject is a guy in a red suit and prize-fightin' Santa belt, and even he isn't fuming with anger about a so-called War on Christmas, you know you're in trouble. What a joke. 

Guess Fox simply doesn't mind coming off like a complete caricature ... a bad SNL skit. Ah well! Maybe Santa will give 'em the ratings they so desperately seek for Christmas. But the way they keep beating a make-believe horse, I'd put my money on them actually getting coal.

Come on, they can't be serious, right?


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tnyangel tnyangel

I'm a Merry Christmas person, but I don't expect everyone to be and I'm not offended when someone wishes me Happy Holidays. I guess I'm too tolerant.

tbruc... tbrucemom

The problem is some people are wished a Merry Christmas and are met with intolerance. Every day I hear about some nativity scene, cross, etc. that isn't allowed to be displayed. I don't think it's specific towards Christmas, but christianity in general. It's also not due to other religions, it's extreme athiests. I'm not an overly religious person, but I am a Christian and with everything that's happening in the world today some people need God, not necessarily MY God, but something to believe in.

Austin Keenan

At the risk of sounding childish,  who started this? 

Groups demanded that stores like Macy's,  Walmart etc.  start saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas but now that its backfired they want to pretend that it's all silliness.   Same with their idiotic attempts to ban celebrations and symbols in the town square.    If it's "silliness" they would just leave it alone,   but they don't.   

hello... hellokd87

I believe the "War on CHRIST" has begun in the last decade or so, beginning with the age of technology where people have access to publicly voicing their opinions online. They feel entitled to make their voice known to everyone and anyone who will read, therefore bringing all of these overzealous atheist out of the woodwork. If you look at classic Christmas cartoons from the 70s, they didn't refrain from saying Merry Christmas. Nestor The Long Eared Donkey was ABOUT the meaning of Christmas. This little donkey who was bullied like Rudolph ended up in a stable of a desert merchant when Mary & Joseph come looking for a donkey to take with them to Bethlehem. It basically TELLS the story of the meaning behind why so many people celebrate Christmas. The Little Drummer Boy as well. Silent Night is basically a seasonal Christian song. MORE than half of classic Christmas songs are about Jesus' birth. The people speaking out about prohibiting crosses and nativity scenes from any public place are about as asinine as the requests by One Million Moms. I blame the internet for that.

nonmember avatar Cee

The War on Christmas is such bull! This is a secular country, yes? What sales start right after Thanksgiving? Christmas sales! What kind of parades do we have in December? Christmas parades! Who is it every mall taking pictures with your child? Santa (who comes from Christmas!) What wrapping paper, accessories, clothing, music do you have everywhere in December? Christmas!
Yet, people who celebrate Christmas ignore the fact that Hanukkah and Kwanza also take place in December...where is the fanfare for those holidays? Where is their news special on war on their holidays that go ignored?
Christians think America revolves around them and their beliefs and this War on Christmas boloney stems from the shock that not everyone is Christian or celebrates Christmas.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Hey caera...

Hasn't there been a war over religion since RELIGION started??

YOU get your head out of YOUR ass and know that EVERY religion has been persecuted and fought against. You should also be reminded that your faith (no matter what it is) should prevail despite what people are saying about your beliefs. Your need to show nativity scenes or say Merry Christmas should have nothing to do with your faith.

You should feel lucky that you live in a country that allows you to express yourself by saying "Merry Christmas" or "Happy holidays" or whatever you want to say.

Get over it, and Merry Christmas for Christs sake.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

There is actually a great YouTube clip of a Pastor on Fox news pretty much shutting down anyone who feels like their precious Christmas holiday is being repressed.


THIS is the video Maressa should have posted about.

nonmember avatar MO Mom

Unfortunately, Maressa, I think they are COMPLETELY serious. Why they are considered a source of news is beyond me. They are completely delusional.

nonmember avatar kaerae


Felly... FellyScarlett

Just as silly as the 'war on women'.

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