Sparse Details on Adam Lanza's Life May Make It Difficult to Find a Motive

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adam lanzaIt's been almost a week since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting shook this country to the core. We're all experiencing a whole mess of emotions -- from straight sadness to blazing anger. But no matter what we're feeling right now, we're all asking the same question: "Why?" Authorities are hoping that the answer lies within the intensive investigation of Adam Lanza, the reclusive 20-year-old gunman.

Unfortunately, sparse details seem to be limiting leads on a concrete motive. According to the Hartford Courant, Lanza had no job, no friends, made no texts or calls, didn't talk to anyone except his mother -- EVER, and didn't try to buy a firearm days before the shooting ... because, as we know, Nancy Lanza had quite her own gun collection, three of which he used on Friday.

Still, there may be bits and pieces of Adam Lanza's life that will ultimately help authorities string together a motive ...

For instance, he did seem to spend much of his time during the weeks before the shooting in the basement of the home he and Nancy shared, playing violent, war-themed video games on his computers, investigators say they've learned from interviews. And he walked into the elementary school outfitted like a soldier. Both points that tie into news that Adam Lanza decided at age 17 that he wanted to join the Marines. But Nancy Lanza's friends say she prevented him from going for it. It's possible that there was a lot of resentment from Adam on this point.

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Similarly, there's talk that Nancy was planning on having him committed. Joshua Flashman, the son of a Newtown pastor, says he has been told that Nancy Lanza was petitioning the court to get conservatorship over her son so she could then send him to a mental institution, and Adam was "really, really angry" about it. He told Fox News: "I think this could have been it, what set him off.” Ugh.

That said, it's not as if police have absolutely nothing to latch onto right now. But the one person who would have had the most insight into Adam's motive was Nancy. And he made sure she wouldn't live to tell either of their tales ...

It's chilling just how calculated the shooting really may have been. And how little we really know about what went on in the Lanza household that led to this devastating tragedy. But I have faith the authorities will continue to dig and push and pry until they know more. Because, at the very least, everyone affected deserves real answers.

What do you make of the possible leads on a motive?

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jpfsmom jpfsmom

You hit the nail on the head...with both Nancy and Adam dead and limited paper trail, everything at this point is heresay and hindsight...we'll never know and we need to accept that and move on from this story.....

starl... starlighthippie

Warcraft 3 is not really all that violent. More like nerdy.

nonmember avatar 27Problems

Lanza was a patsy. Two suspects were handcuffed outside and NEVER mentioned again by anyone in the media... This is highly disturbing!

nonmember avatar LizzieBorden

Why does a "motive" need to be known? Is there any motive that justifies murdering 20 young children? All these pathetic psychos want is validation & attention through infamy; they want to be the worst & they want the media panning through every iota of their pathetic lives so they can gain the power & validation they wanted so bad. And without fail we give it to them.

James... Jameson007

Stop writing about him. Take his name out of headlines. Refer to him only as the shooter. Do not credit him in anyway for his horrific crime. Let him die a nobody. He deserves to have his name never spoken again.

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

Would you writers just shut the hell up about Adam Lanza already???? Seriously keeping killers like this famous is not helping anything.

Jorie21 Jorie21

This too shall pass. I aree with the above commenter.. they always want infamy. They want the publicity and to be remembered. These psychos want the biggest murder count and the recognition. I am so sorry to these families and victims but I cannot wait for his name to be out of the headlines as time fades his image and only the victims will live on. I haven't forgotten the CO Dark Knight shooting but love that he is not receiving fame anymore and only the victims are remembered. Lets not feed into this depravity and just mourn the loss of all these innocents and pray that our country and their families can heal! 

ashle... ashleyhomenko

I really wish these writers would stop saying this monter's name.

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