Adam Lanza's Horrific Planning of Shooting May Point to His Extreme Insanity (VIDEO)

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More horrific information coming out of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting tragedy. Reports now say that the killer, Adam Lanza, had rigged his gun to cause a maximum amount of killing. He also used a special kind of bullet to cause maximum amounts of damage. It's almost as if Lanza thought he was headed into war, not kindergarten classes. Does this prove definitively that he was absolutely insane?

Lanza, who killed 20 children and six adults inside of the Newtown, Connecticut school after killing his mother at home, came to the school armed to the teeth. I've also seen previous reports that he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Additionally, he smashed his computer before he left the house.

Lanza's main rifle, a .223 caliber Bushmaster, had been rigged in a technique known as "jungle taping," meaning he taped two ammo cartridges to the side of the gun so he wouldn't have to pause to reload. This allowed him to kill 26 victims in an extremely short amount of time. He reportedly only stopped when he committed suicide as police arrived.

And even more horrifically, he used bullets known as "frangible ammunition" which fragments upon impact and is used to cause the most possible damage to a victim. Reportedly, all of the victims sustained multiple gunshots, with some little victims receiving up to eleven gunshots. He also shot the majority of the children as they were huddled together in a classroom, terrified at the unfolding events.

I've probably been in the minority of people who isn't convinced that Lanza was definitively clinically mentally ill to the point where he didn't understand reality and didn't understand right from wrong. (The legal definition of insanity.) People leapt very quickly to the "mentally ill" conclusion when all we know about Lanza was that he was quiet, intelligent, may have been on the autism spectrum, may have had reduced sensitivity to pain, and liked violent videogames -- which describes millions of other non-violent kids and adults in this country. Plenty of people are depressed, isolated, resentful, and not quite in their "right mind" and don't commit crimes of this magnitude.

But hearing how much firepower he brought into the school makes me think he thought he was headed off to war -- indeed off to the jungle, as the name "jungle taping" suggests. Yet these were children! Surely would have known he wasn't going get much of a fight back from the victims inside the school, making this kind of firepower and rigging of his gun unnecessary. Could his mind have been somewhere else entirely? Could he have been not just mentally ill but legally insane?

We may never know the answers to these questions.

Do you think Adam Lanza was clinically insane and didn't know right from wrong?

Image via ABC News


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Doomy234 Doomy234

If he was "right of mind" he wouldnt have done this, so yes he was mentally unstable in some capacity. Just because he was crazy doesnt mean he wasnt intelligent. Most mass murderers are highly intelligent and calculating. Look at Ted Bundy who murdered dozens of women without being caught for some time. But you'd still classify him as insane wouldnt you? Sane people dont murder for unjust reasons.

Flori... Floridamom96

No. He was aware his actions were wrong.

cmjaz cmjaz

He was just filled full of hate.

fave82 fave82

The fact that he killed himself as police entered shows that he knew exactly what he was doing and that is was wrong. He was an evil spineless coward.

three... threeforme157

I am not sure if he could have planned and executed this alone.  Knowing people with Autism/ Asbergers and the way they think and act makes me question it.  What happened to the guy in camo that was reported in the woods.  Why has the type of guns reportedly used changed so much?  Why in news reports are obvious questions skipped and gun control brought up every time?  

nonmember avatar kevobx

What is hatred? See the red in them, now the world wants to be prepared. Those rosy glasses are colored. Grace and truth is hated by the entire world. Because a ritual is Satan.

nonmember avatar kevobx

The rabbi, and all the clergymen have no words but their own. Satan loves rituals. The book of life is the Word of God and the word of the Lord is grace and truth. The little children are with God but the people of the world are praying for their souls why?

hello... hellokd87

How is it  that this guy and the James Holmes BOTH had the EXACT same MO? they were armed to the teeth, they destroyed (or at least Holmes TRIED to destroy) any evidence preceding the attacks. They were both of "high intelligence" yet had mental issues. Satan is trying to get us to "identify" an act like this by giving us a "description" of potential attackers. It's like a wolf in sheep"s clothing. Something might have been off about these guys, but I highly doubt anybody that knew them would've thought that they'd go on to shoot up a bunch of people. Taking God out of schools is putting evil in them.

nonmember avatar Jen

He wasn't insane in my opinion. He allowed evil into his life and from there it spiraled him to the depths of darkness.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Mental Illnesses are NOT black and white...he can be unstable and intelligent! And I'm sure he knew right from wrong but just didn't care or was having an episode!

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