'The Stir' Bloggers Talk About Newtown (VIDEO)

Google HangoutIf you haven't noticed, most of the writers and editors here on The Stir are moms -- and writing about Newtown has been extremely difficult for many of us, as we try to process the information that's coming in and decide how to share it with our children.

For today's Moms Matter Google Hangout, The Stir's Amy Boshnack, Sasha Brown-Worsham, and Mary Fischer joined me online to talk about Newtown and how they and their families are dealing with the news.

Check out our discussion after the jump, then add your thoughts in the comments of this post.

It was good to realize during this discussion that I'm not alone in feeling a grief that at times is overwhelming, as well as a little strange since I didn't personally know any of the victims.

When it comes down to it, I think we all have that horrible feeling that those children could so easily have been our own children. This shooting could have happened in any elementary school in America. For parents in particular, this realization is hard to take.

During our Google discussion, it came up that the Newtown shooting has felt a little bit like 9/11 for some. I agree, and understand the correlation. After 9/11, I realized for the very first time that I lived in a country that could in fact be attacked, and that thousands of people could actually die in the process. Before 9/11, I wouldn't have believed that to be possible.

In the same way, before Newtown, I wouldn't have believed that anyone in this country would ever enter an elementary school and shoot at innocent children. Now, I know otherwise. Now, taking my kids to school each day will never be quite the same. Both 9/11 and the Newtown shooting, though very different in nature and scope, represent a major loss of innocence for our nation.

Basically, right now I'm devastated and uneasy, and it sounds like the moms who spoke during our Hangout today feel the same way I do.

How are you holding up?



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