Pro-Life Republican Supports Over-the-Counter Birth Control & That Shouldn't Surprise You

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Governor Bobby Jindal
Last month, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists endorsed the idea of selling birth control pills without a prescription. Non-minor purchasers would be able to pick up their monthly supply right next to condoms and pregnancy tests and would be required to show ID.

Last week, Louisiana governor and rising Republican rock star Bobby Jindal publically agreed with the opinion and strongly stated his support for making birth control more accessible to any adult who wants it. Say what now? A decidedly pro-life GOP member isn’t trying to take women back to the 1950s by banning birth control? And in fact wants to increase access to it?

Jindal stated:

As a conservative Republican, I believe that we have been stupid to let the Democrats demagogue the contraceptives issue and pretend, during debates about health-care insurance, that Republicans are somehow against birth control. It's a disingenuous political argument they make.

There’s a common misconception on the left that anti-abortion lobby on the right is actively trying to outlaw birth control. The President himself perpetuated that myth on the campaign trail, alluding to it in official videos and saying it outright in online info graphics. Liz Winstead, the creator of The Daily Show, tweeted it. Union leader Kathy Sullivan said it. Sandra Fluke made a speaking career out of repeating the outright lie at political rallies.

No wonder so many misinformed women think Republicans are backwards anti-female freakazoids. I probably wouldn't vote Republican either if I believed the GOP wanted to make my family planning decisions for me.

That is so far from the truth that it’s almost mind-boggling that people believe it. But what are they supposed to do, when our president ignores the truth that no Republican in recent history has ever tried, or ever even mentioned, banning or blocking access to birth control? Sure, there’s lots of debate over who should pay for your birth control, but never, ever, not even a little bit over your right to have it.

That’s why this over-the-counter birth control idea is so fantastic. It’s a safe and effective drug that could go a long way in preventing unwanted pregnancies. By forcing companies to compete for sales on the open market, it will drive the cost of the medicine down, making it even more accessible. More options, more affordability, what’s not to like?

Let’s unite on this one ladies, and get the government out of our bedrooms for real.

Would you buy birth control without a prescription?

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B1Bomber B1Bomber

I would have a problem with minors having access to hormonal drugs (or any other kind, really) without their parents' knowledge, but I don't see the problem with adults making their own medical decisions. I would never take any kind of drugs without seeing a doctor about them, but I've always thought it was silly that you had to see a dr every time you wanted to renew your BC prescription.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Fact is people have sex, no matter what age they are. Maybe there will be less unintended pregnancies if access to BC pills is easier. I don't see what the problem is if a pharmacist tells you how to take it. (Same time every day, use backup protection when on antibiotic, etc.)

bleed... bleedingheart8D

I think it's a good idea as long as you see a doctor first to make sure you don't have medical issues that won't work well with the birth control. 

SKDMo... SKDMom1020

I am a Pro-life Republican and I am 100% FOR birth control. I too have never understood why half the country believes we are against it. Well, yes I do understand. Because that's what the media keeps telling them. The only problem I have with it being over the counter is there are a lot of bad side effects like high blood pressure and stroke. When someone is on the pill they need to be monitored by a doctor.

purvi... purvislets

I worry about the implications of taking hormonal birth control without being monitored by a doctor. As a woman who suffered a TIA due to birth control it really makes me nervous that these medications might be taken without being under the care of a doctor. Barrier protection would be safer in my opinion and just as effective if used correctly.

nonmember avatar Lilia Here's a republican that wanted to cut access to birth control. There are many other articles that reference republicans banning access to bc. I don't think all republicans feel this way however, it's not as if they have been vocally supportive of bc.

nonmember avatar MimiB

It's too bad that moderate Republicans who believe women have a right to use birth control didn't speak out during the campaign. As it was, religious conservative politicians who believe otherwise were the ones getting press attention. It can hardly be considered media bias under the circumstances. Even the Republican VP candidate was well known to be against access to contraception.

Had moderates wanted to make their views known, I believe there would have been plenty of media coverage. As it was, the extremists were allowed to be the voice of the party, without being taken to task for their vile comments about women being legitimately raped, or equating contraception with immorality, etc. Good people need to make their voices heard as loudly as the noisy fringe.

BirdCo BirdCo

I am a pro-choice republican and this does not shock me a bit. other then a handfull of bat shit crazy republican politicians that i would gladly and literaly kick out the republican party is very sensible.

as for the proper use of birth control How about we take into account that for the most part women are not idiots? I have been on the pill since I was 16 and the instructions are pretty darn easy. If you are too stupid to figure them out then please god do not reproduce.

(Sorry for any misspelling or typos)

jessi... jessicasmom1

no it does not suprise me but I do believe you should consult your doctor

Doomy234 Doomy234

I am ambivalent about this... It would make things sooo much easier for me. I wouldnt have to take a yearly trip to the gyno (even though she told me I would have to come in every two years for the checkup, I still need to go in just to take a pregnancy test and get the pill).

But then I think of all the people who will go and pick this stuff upwithout seeing a doctor first. Bc pills have been known to cause blood clots, hormonal changes (obviously), etc. What if someone takes it and they have an unknown heart problem and get a blood clot? You know most people dont read warning labels until its too late. Seeing a doctor first would be best in my opinion.

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