Twin Brothers' Sweet Military Reunion Will Have You Tearing Up With Happiness (VIDEO)

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military homecomingBecause the world seems pretty terrible right now, you could probably use something sweet and heartwarming and good. Like a military homecoming video. In this video, which, for your sanity's sake, you really need to see, two twin brothers, both in the military, are reunited after months of only communicating through letters. One brother surprises another brother in a hotel room, and well, you just need to watch, because it's really, really sweet.

When two dudes do the long, silent hug, you know it's a special moment.

Apparently, Patrick M., the one in the camo, left for basic training on August 14, 2012, and graduated October 12, while his brother, the one in the blues, left for basic training on October 9. According to Patrick, the brothers apparently only saw each other on his graduation weekend "for 60 seconds in the back of a church." They haven't seen one another for 17 weeks. Clearly, they missed each other. Clearly, they're thrilled to be reunited.

Nice video. Adorable brothers. Exactly what we need today.

What's the sweetest military homecoming video you've ever seen?


Image via TheBobjohnson1984/YouTube



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Connie Lambert Brevik

Made me cry my eyes out.                                                                                                                                      My twin daughters will be 19 on Friday and they've never been apart, I'm sure if they ever are, they're reunion would be like this. 

Bless them and their parents!


missy... missybest it!  All the horrible news we have had recently, makes it especially wonderful to see love and care!  Thanks for sharing this!

Judith K Littles

That was sweet! Thank you for sharing!

Willa... Willa-wonders

That one made me cry. I loved it!

Tanya Frey

AAaaaww! <3 <3

Rachel Bosen

I love my brothers, and my sons love each other.  To have a sibling is such a special bond. What a wonderful video

Chrissy Gray Marriner

Totally teared up!  Can't wait to see my brother come home from flight school on Saturday!!!!

nonmember avatar jesse


nonmember avatar Becky

Awesome video! I have several family members that are/have served and homecomings are always emotional! Thanks for sharing!!

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