Guy With 47 Guns Threatens to Shoot Up Elementary School

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To all angry gun hobbyists: Now isn't the time to start making threats. Especially if you're making threats about shooting up elementary schools! A man in Indiana, Von I. Meyer, was arrested after he allegedly threatened to kill his wife "at school" where she works in the cafeteria. The school is an elementary school. He also reportedly threatened to "kill as many people as he could before stopped by police." And the guy had the means to do it: The reported gun hobbyist had 47 guns, most of them "collector's guns," and $100,000 worth of ammunition.

Meyer's wife reportedly didn't go into work on Friday after her husband made his threats, and security was boosted at that school and three others.

Police believe that Meyer wasn't actually plotting anything. His guns were antique guns and cops say that he was "bluffing" during a heated argument. But, still, $100,000 worth of ammo? Even if you're just a collector, what is the point of all of that ammo? And how do you even afford it?!

Police sound awfully sure that the guy isn't a threat. Almost too sure. Listen to what Police Chief Jerry Smith had to say about it:

If people followed through on all the threats they've ever made -- things said in anger that they don't really mean and regret -- our population in this country would be half of what it is. This was something he said in the heat of an argument. He hadn't been plotting this.

Err, okay. People do say things in the heat of the moment that they then regret -- but people also DO things in the heat of the moment that they then regret. And if they say them first, then you've got time to do something about it. I just hope this guy isn't trouble down the road.

Now is most definitely NOT the time to be spewing threats about shooting up schools -- in fact, no time is the time for that. If you're going to own weapons, you've got to learn to watch what you say. With gun ownership comes responsibility. LOTS of it. Including learning what not to say. Maybe there will come a day when people with guns can't make threats without their guns being taken away -- though it would be hard to prove if someone really made a threat unless they admit it or they're recorded.

Do you think this guy was serious?

Image via Cedar Lake Sheriff's Dept.

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Sierr... SierraLynn

It's good that the threat was taken seriously and the precaution of extra security provided. However, the statement the police chief gave was correct, not every threat is followed through. In this case it wasn't (thank god). But others are. You can never be sure so these precautions need to be taken. And I agree, gun ownership comes with loads of responsibility. I should know, we have 12 in our household from pistols, to shotguns to rifles and 2 compound bows.

Doomy234 Doomy234

Thank God he was arrested. Whether he was bluffing or not doesnt matter. Anyone who threatens the lives of innocent people is mentally unstable and needs to be hauled off. I dont care that he collected guns, thats not the point. The point is, he had some sort of hatred in his heart or unbalanced in the head.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

What a loser. Thank God he was arrested.

Brea Huff

Well know that EVERYONE in Indiana and all over the country (possibly the world),  knows who this jackass is, maybe, just maybe, someone will keep an eye and an ear out for him. And maybe, IF the time comes, he is taken out without any innocent lives being taken first. 

Todd Vrancic

Aren't terroristic threats against the law?  Heat of the moment or not, we need to take this seriously.

Meg'n N Jacob Casey

My son attends this school. And I am grateful that this man was caught before he could carry out the threat, with what happened in CT more than grateful. I am concerned though with that fact that no parents were notified of this. I heard about it on Sunday. This morning the school sent out prerecorded messages via phone that they were not aware of the direct threat to the school, that they were aware of an altercation between two people and that extra precautions were taken on Friday. Reading the newspaper articles it is clear that the school WAS notified of the situation.We are notified of fog delays and other minor things but not when our children's direct safety is a concern? Isn't that the law? And by a threat that means no real crime was commited so what happens when he comes home? Hearing the tragic news on Friday morning of CT made mine as well as all parents everywhere hearts break in sadness and grief. Then to hear the news that this could have happend on that same day in your own child's school hits too close to home.

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

I think it's just a matter of time until someone decides they want to have a famous suicide and one-ups the CT shooter.

missy... missybest

Anyone who threatens such violence should be jailed and/or institutionalized.  If they are vicious and stupid enough to say it, then we need to take them seriously.  No more coddling, no more First Amendment Rights for vicious people.  I am so done with all this, as I know most of us are!

Barbara Ryan

Props to this man's wife for taking his threats seriously. Perhaps she should be employed as the Indiana's police department's Police Chief! In our world today, why take any chance?

Now this person has had his 15 mins of fame and multiple schools under lockdown unneccearily traumatizing students, parents, teachers, faculty, the list goes on and on.

I don't care if he was plotting it. And as humans if we are not held responsible for our actions then perhaps there should be less of us.( per statement by police officials)

Again, Shady Hook should become our last nerve. The straw that broke the camel's back. We should NOT allow this person or any other to hold our children and their education hostage to a "bluff", "I'm just kidding", or an "I was just mad." This allows others to continue the use of terrorism against us.

Matthew John

Thank God for Mrs Meyer !! The Chief of Police & Mr Meyer need to both be in jail I am 100% for the right to bear arms but not in the hands of the unstable, with his background you don't think he will kill her when he gets out ? Chief how would it be if he threatened your wife & kids ?

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