Latest Connecticut School Shooting Update Clears Up a Few Mysteries (VIDEO)

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connecticut policeWe've got an update on the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. The Connecticut police held a press conference this morning to share more information with the public and the details, of course, are heart-wrenching. There's new info on how, exactly, suspected shooter Adam Lanza entered the locked school, how police communicated with the victims' parents, and how the investigation is progressing.

The victims have been positively identified, but they haven't released the list of names and birthdays. Seeing the birth dates next to the names, for most of us, will be simply devastating, as most will have been born between five and ten years ago.

Officials explain that the immediate families of the victims have been assigned their own trooper or officer to keep an open line of communicaiton, which, thank goodness -- I find it reassuring to know these heartbroken families are getting at least temporary support and protection as they try to deal with it all.

There were initial reports that suspected shooter Adam Lanza was let into the school because he was either a parent of a student, or the son of a teacher, but neither is the case. The doors were locked -- principal Hochsprung had installed doors that automatically lock at 9:30 a.m. -- and police say the shooter forced himself in, and that they know the point of forced entry.

Twenty-eight are dead, including 20 children, the shooter's mother (who was found shot at her home), and the school's principal.

The weapons used were two pistols, a Glock and a Sig Sauer. A .223-caliber rifle was found in the trunk of the car that Lanza drove to the school. The guns were registered to his mother, Nancy. Police say they went to area shooting ranges to see if Lanza had trained or practiced there, but found no evidence of such.

Adam Lanza's brother Ryan, 24, was originally thought to be the suspect, but police have cleared him. Ryan's ID was found on Adam, causing the confusion. Reportedly, Ryan was at work at Ernst & Young in Times Square when the massacre occurred.

There are still major crime detectives working at the scene at the school, and it could take another two days to finish the investigation. Police say they need to examine every crack and crevice, including the outside of the school.

The "why" of the whole thing, though, still remains a mystery. There have been reports that Adam had an argument with his mother, but why that would provoke him to open fire in a kindergarten classroom is still unclear.

Some sources are claiming Adam Lanza was some sort of autistic savant, a troubled genius, a "weird" kid. As we learn more, perhaps it will become evident why Adam allegedly decided to commit such a heinous and unfathomable crime.

Officials say they have "good evidence" that will hopefully paint a better picture of what went down, but, like most, I don't know if I'll ever be able to understand what happened December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

If you wish to talk about the incident, there's a crisis intervention line you can call -- 203-270-4283.


What details of the shooting do find most surprising?



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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Andy Borowitz tweeted something that I've been saying for years: "Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I wish mental health care were as easy to get as, say, a gun."

I believe that people should report the people in their lives who they feel are a threat to themselves or others. Whether you think they are depressed or suffering from a personality disorder, it doesn't hurt to get them evaluated just to be sure. 

katzc... katzcrazeekatz

To bring "Autism" into the conversation is absurd. Period......I am angered.


Frank David King

In the wake of this horror, everyone from atheists to pastors have asked "Where is God???" Here's my attempt, however inadequate, to answer the question:

tuffy... tuffymama

Right. Because all ASDs are fucking violent, murderous pieces of shit. Whatever. He killed those kids because he was evil. Plain and simple. Why his mother, knowing he was mentally ill, let him have access to her guns, is beyond my comprehension. If it is found that someone put him up to this, I hope that person is mysteriously set upon by wild dogs.

Penny Adams

What gets me is that the Mother knew her son had mental issues and yet she still had guns in the house. Why would she have them knowing this. If you have someone in your home the has mental illness then you shouldn't have guns in your home. I'm not saying all would use them but why take the chance. I am a gun owner and if one of my childern, (at any age) I would not have them (guns) in my home. I would have a storage locker, and would not inform anyone other than my husband were it was.

nonmember avatar kimberly

this whole thing is terrible and working with people with developmental disabilities for many years now i can say this autism being made a point in possibly being part of his problem tht brought him to this bothers me as well its been a long road for th dd comunity to gain acceptance in their own community an its like this may give them a bad out look thats jus plain stupid i dont feel th autism had anything to do with it at all..this man was pure evil an hope he is suffering ten times over in hell :( my heart goes out to these families an am squeesing my children extra hard after all this :( really what is this world comming to? makes me want to shelter my children from th world and protect sure th parents felt safe knowing th school gets locked durrin th day how th hell did this crazed obviously sick individual break in?! Idk i could go on n on about this but ill jus b praying for th families n hope they get some answers an some sort of closure to what they will have to endure for years to come:(

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

I agree with ethans_momma;because what happened was so horrible, the whys and whats just don't seem to matter to me.The How's are important because they will help with making the changes necessary to ensure that this doesn't happen again (or at least lesson the odds).Today I find myself ,obviously very thankful that I can hold my kids close but also feeling guilt because I can go do things with my kidsand they will never be able to do anything with their babies ever again. My heart breaks for them and what they are going through.

Melissa Brannam

LOCKED SCHOOL? There is no way in hell I am sending my kid to school!!!

Mommi... MommietoJB

Media sensationalism at its worse..yeah this monster was an idiot savant thats what makes this logical. He obvious had a major mental inbalance and I for one am upset at the mother of this demon, three guns all accessible to this evil monster.

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