Latest Connecticut School Shooting Update Clears Up a Few Mysteries (VIDEO)

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connecticut policeWe've got an update on the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. The Connecticut police held a press conference this morning to share more information with the public and the details, of course, are heart-wrenching. There's new info on how, exactly, suspected shooter Adam Lanza entered the locked school, how police communicated with the victims' parents, and how the investigation is progressing.

The victims have been positively identified, but they haven't released the list of names and birthdays. Seeing the birth dates next to the names, for most of us, will be simply devastating, as most will have been born between five and ten years ago.

Officials explain that the immediate families of the victims have been assigned their own trooper or officer to keep an open line of communicaiton, which, thank goodness -- I find it reassuring to know these heartbroken families are getting at least temporary support and protection as they try to deal with it all.

There were initial reports that suspected shooter Adam Lanza was let into the school because he was either a parent of a student, or the son of a teacher, but neither is the case. The doors were locked -- principal Hochsprung had installed doors that automatically lock at 9:30 a.m. -- and police say the shooter forced himself in, and that they know the point of forced entry.

Twenty-eight are dead, including 20 children, the shooter's mother (who was found shot at her home), and the school's principal.

The weapons used were two pistols, a Glock and a Sig Sauer. A .223-caliber rifle was found in the trunk of the car that Lanza drove to the school. The guns were registered to his mother, Nancy. Police say they went to area shooting ranges to see if Lanza had trained or practiced there, but found no evidence of such.

Adam Lanza's brother Ryan, 24, was originally thought to be the suspect, but police have cleared him. Ryan's ID was found on Adam, causing the confusion. Reportedly, Ryan was at work at Ernst & Young in Times Square when the massacre occurred.

There are still major crime detectives working at the scene at the school, and it could take another two days to finish the investigation. Police say they need to examine every crack and crevice, including the outside of the school.

The "why" of the whole thing, though, still remains a mystery. There have been reports that Adam had an argument with his mother, but why that would provoke him to open fire in a kindergarten classroom is still unclear.

Some sources are claiming Adam Lanza was some sort of autistic savant, a troubled genius, a "weird" kid. As we learn more, perhaps it will become evident why Adam allegedly decided to commit such a heinous and unfathomable crime.

Officials say they have "good evidence" that will hopefully paint a better picture of what went down, but, like most, I don't know if I'll ever be able to understand what happened December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

If you wish to talk about the incident, there's a crisis intervention line you can call -- 203-270-4283.


What details of the shooting do find most surprising?



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MamaB... MamaBearTX

LuvMyDandD - perfectly said!

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

@ MamaBearTX thank you. I have two boys, both on the mild end of the spectrum, one also has ADHD. I feel like Brittany may be one of those people I deal with on a daily basis who look at my babies oddly. People like that are my biggest pet peeve. I'm usually not so aggressive but that one touched a nerve :) 

Crystal R Knight

 I hear you  LuvMyDandD... Thanks for wording so well :)

nonmember avatar Christy

@ProudGunOwner, I am extremely conservative, both politically and socially, and have never voted for a Democrat in my life. But I believe assault weapons should be banned, and there should be a limit on the number of handguns people can own.

hopea... hopealways4019

I'm surprised, I didn't believe that someone can be that f**uk up in the head to targeted babies.

Why did mom have guns in house with mentally ill son

Why did principal run towards a crazy man with a gun. This is the stuff you see in movies, and scream run the other way!!!"

Hope they all in a better place.

nonmember avatar Sandra Brower

You touchy feely types need to quit denying that some people with autism can possibly be violent and snap from time to time. Just a quick Google search will show you instances right away. Autistic son kills mother. YES, some are quite capable of murder. Accept that, and accept that that might have been part of what set this loser off.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

" touchy feely types"??? Should I not be loving (touchy feely) with MY CHILDREN??? You Google search people with autism that have done WONDERFUL things in this world, and you will bring up examples of Olympic gold medalists, best-selling authors, successful artists/photographers, scientists, and the list goes on and on. You "hateful types" make me sick. You need to quit denying that there is someone with autism doing something way more useful to this world than you are doing at this very moment! Accept the fact that you sound like the average narcissistic sociopath and people like you are more capable than murder than my loving babies. So accept the fact that the shooter was most likely more like you and less like my LOVING, "toucy feely" children!

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

I hardly ever make typos, you just literally made me that ill, my hands are shaking. Between the shooting and people like you Sandra, I'm really losing my faith in humanity. It is my autistic sweet boys who restore that faith when things like you take it away. 

Crystal R Knight

@ Sandra brower.. I never once denied it to e not possible. However no where in th media besides this article has it been stated a suspicion to be Autistic/ Savants, it has been stated mental illness of some kind. Autism is not a mental illness All I was stating is People shouls not be throwing assumption aound with out fact. People with Autism have enough stereo types these days why add to it, if you don't know for a fact?

KathyTh. KathyTh.

No one is saying that autism caused this young man to snap and shoot up a school full of little kids.  I took it to mean that it was one of the issues that this kid was dealing with.  But the fact is that autistic children can be calm and sweet, or inclined toward violence, just like anyone else.  Regardless of whether this kid was autistic, I think we can all agree that something was terribly wrong with him.  Let's be helpful and try to come up with solutions instead of tearing each other down.

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