Latest Connecticut School Shooting Update Clears Up a Few Mysteries (VIDEO)

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connecticut policeWe've got an update on the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. The Connecticut police held a press conference this morning to share more information with the public and the details, of course, are heart-wrenching. There's new info on how, exactly, suspected shooter Adam Lanza entered the locked school, how police communicated with the victims' parents, and how the investigation is progressing.

The victims have been positively identified, but they haven't released the list of names and birthdays. Seeing the birth dates next to the names, for most of us, will be simply devastating, as most will have been born between five and ten years ago.

Officials explain that the immediate families of the victims have been assigned their own trooper or officer to keep an open line of communicaiton, which, thank goodness -- I find it reassuring to know these heartbroken families are getting at least temporary support and protection as they try to deal with it all.

There were initial reports that suspected shooter Adam Lanza was let into the school because he was either a parent of a student, or the son of a teacher, but neither is the case. The doors were locked -- principal Hochsprung had installed doors that automatically lock at 9:30 a.m. -- and police say the shooter forced himself in, and that they know the point of forced entry.

Twenty-eight are dead, including 20 children, the shooter's mother (who was found shot at her home), and the school's principal.

The weapons used were two pistols, a Glock and a Sig Sauer. A .223-caliber rifle was found in the trunk of the car that Lanza drove to the school. The guns were registered to his mother, Nancy. Police say they went to area shooting ranges to see if Lanza had trained or practiced there, but found no evidence of such.

Adam Lanza's brother Ryan, 24, was originally thought to be the suspect, but police have cleared him. Ryan's ID was found on Adam, causing the confusion. Reportedly, Ryan was at work at Ernst & Young in Times Square when the massacre occurred.

There are still major crime detectives working at the scene at the school, and it could take another two days to finish the investigation. Police say they need to examine every crack and crevice, including the outside of the school.

The "why" of the whole thing, though, still remains a mystery. There have been reports that Adam had an argument with his mother, but why that would provoke him to open fire in a kindergarten classroom is still unclear.

Some sources are claiming Adam Lanza was some sort of autistic savant, a troubled genius, a "weird" kid. As we learn more, perhaps it will become evident why Adam allegedly decided to commit such a heinous and unfathomable crime.

Officials say they have "good evidence" that will hopefully paint a better picture of what went down, but, like most, I don't know if I'll ever be able to understand what happened December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

If you wish to talk about the incident, there's a crisis intervention line you can call -- 203-270-4283.


What details of the shooting do find most surprising?



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Melissa Brannam

really freaken nice, call him "Some ort of autistic savant"  My son is autistic and would never even think to do something like this. Autism is not the reason!!

nonmember avatar Just Sad

Why do regular people need semi automatic weapons? Also, why is it so easy to get weapons like that? If its a matter of having the right to bear arms or to own a gun for hunting, why can't regular people only be able to purchase guns that can only fire ONE round at a time and have to reload each time?? To me I don't like guns I don't believe ANYONE should have one not even the police but if the government won't budge on it at the very least, don't let regular people own Heavy Military Style Weaponry that's just outrageous.

nonmember avatar Ellen

it seems insulting (and infuriating) to call him any sort of "genius" he is nothing but a monster to have been able to commit such a crime.

mommy... mommy1605

To bring Autism into the reporting, as though that is a reason, angers me. My son is on the spectrum and has ADHD, and he, along with many other Autistic children I know, are sweet as can be. 

nonmember avatar Claudia

Why is it that whenever a white male kills a bunch of innocent people, he's always described as troubled, intelligent, depressed, or mentally ill? If this guy was of any other race, he'd be labeled a thug or a terrorist. If his actions aren't the actions of a terrorist, I don't know what is.

Crystal R Knight

Seriously?"Some sources are claiming Adam Lanza was some sort of autistic savant, a troubled genius, a "weird" kid." What exacly was the point of this statement? Thats all this was, a statemen.. The people with Autism or Savants already have enough public troubles of people pointing and stareing.. So until you have his as a fact and not some random speculation maybe you should keep claims out of it... I'm completely insulted as a mother of a child with Autism. this case is already sensitive enough quit adding more victims to this horrendos sad situation..

Brittany Wagers

Autism or Bi-polar disorder, if not treated right can make someone lash out and go on this kind of rampage. Just because most arent like that doesnt mean it cant happen!! You all are just getting offended because your kid or someone you know is Autistic. This is possible so thats why it is being investigated further. They wouldnt waste their time if it wasnt possible. So until this is proven otherwise, shut the fuck up and get over it!

nonmember avatar Proud Gun Owner

Just sad..... if just one person had a CWP it would have saved a few life's. For you to be against gun ownership all of us can figure out your a democrat. Making guns illegal is only going to make it easier for BAD people to get them. I'm a proud owner of guns and I have children, honestly I carry all the time because you never know if your going to have to use it. I am heartbroken as well with the rest of our nation but stricker gun laws are not the answer if someone wants to murder someone they will so with a gun a knife a bat or their bare hands..... PERIOD do us all a favor and educate yourself before preaching..... btw when purchasing any semi automatic weapon you have to clear through the FBI database.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

@ Brittany Wagers... I hope your children are all born healthy. Otherwise they would have an uphill road with you for their mommy. On a general note, it has been reported that the brother stated the shooter had a "personality disorder". Autism is NOT a personality disorder. It has been reported that he was "mentally ill". Autism is NOT a mental illness. @ Britanny, if you had to see people pointing, judging, misunderstanding, and mistreating YOUR baby on a daily basis like some of us who are apparently not as lucky as your know-it-all ass, you may wish unsubstantiated rumors were not so easily reported. Nobody has a problem that they are investigating it, it's the PREMATURE REPORTING that we take issue with. Go play with your healthy babies and use your time to praise God that you are so lucky, instead of judging people who have been through more than you can ever imagine!

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

by the way brittany, autism and bipolar disorders are NOTHING ALIKE.....educate yourself

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