Airline Humiliated Double-Amputee Marine to the Point of Tears

marineLast year, Marine Lance Cpl. Christian Brown lost both his legs while fighting in Afghanistan. Last week, he lost his dignity while flying on Delta. According to reports, Brown, 29, was humiliated by the airline staff who clumsily wheeled him to the back of the plane, bumping into seated passengers along the way, and refused to let him change seats with fellow ticket-holders who offered him their seats in first class. Army Lt. Col. Keith Gafford was also on that flight from Atlanta to D.C. and saw the whole shameful scene go down. He says Brown, who was also battling a fever of 104, was in tears.

Gafford explained:

I have been flying with Delta for a gazillion years and this crew treated Chris worse than you’d treat any thing, not even any body. I did 27 years in the military. I have seen a lot of things and have seen a lot of guys die, but I have never seen a Marine cry.

They sat on the tarmac for more than 45 minutes and Gafford said still, the flight attendants wouldn't move Brown to a better seat. He blasted the staff for being "hard as woodpecker lips."

What was going through the minds of the flight attendants who, from what it sounds like, went out of their way to be some of the least accommodating people on Earth? The man's got no legs, for crying out loud, he's sick as a dog, he's visibly humiliated, and he's a veteran who served our country proudly -- is it too much to ask to treat him like a human being?

Delta has issued an apology, but I can understand where Gafford and retired Army Col. Nickey Knighton, another service-member on the flight, are coming from when they speak with such disgust and disdain for the treatment Brown received.

You'd think around the holidays people would have lighter, kinder hearts, especially for those who served, and for those with their whole lives ahead of them. I guess not.

Can you believe how Brown was treated?





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4flow... 4flowers4ever

What a bunch of assholes. I wish I could hug Mr. Brown and say thank-you and I'm truly sorry for how he was treated. To the delta crew I send a sincere kick in the ass and a punch in the face.

nonmember avatar Gretta


the4m... the4mutts

I'm sorry, but from what the OP wrote, it doesn't sound humiliating. Frustrating, and in bad taste, but not humiliating.

sexiyesi sexiyesi

As a veteran, I see this a lot. While there are some that thank me and treat me with respect; there are still some that act like its not a big deal. This poor marine lost both his legs while fighting to protect what Some take for granted everyday. I'm sure he gets the same treatment as every other vet. So for him to be brought to tears by this, is definitely humiliating. I hope Delta does something to make up for this. I don't understand why they couldn't let him trade seats with the person who offered it to him, or why they couldn't put him on the plane first to avoid the states by all the other passengers.

Pinst... Pinstripes4

If people were willing to give up a first class seat to this deserving person, why was Delta so stubborn so as to inconvenience EVERYONE aboard by refusing. Are there a FAA regulations that require assholery too.

kelti... kelticmom

the4mutts, who the hell are you to decide what is humiliating for someone else? Let's see you get your legs blown off in war, be traumatised by that, then get shoved in a wheelchair and roughly paraded through a narrow aisle of a seated plane while everyone tries not to stare at you. Do you even have a heart? As a wife who's husband is in Afghanistan right now, this makes me so angry I'm shaking.

the4m... the4mutts

Kelticmom- as if you're the only military wife in the world. My xh missed our son's birth, while in afghanistan. This isn't a "my situation is worse than yours, so your opinion is void" scenario.

Its my opinion, like it or don't. I don't really give a dam.

But I know I am sick to death of all these airline news stories trying to gain sympathy for passengers who typically suffered nothing more than an inconvenience, while being treated the same as 99% of the other passengers.

These employees have a job to do, and chances are that until the man complained publicly, they had no idea they treated him with anything other than fairness and respect.

Those aisles are TINY, and don't accomidate even chubby people. Its probably not their fault that he bumped into people in his chair while they were pushing him. Its the makeup of the plane.

And him not being moved to first class? Maybe that was against their policy, and they were worried for their OWN jobs.

You don't know that these employees were being disrespectful in any way.

Sure, they were in bad taste. But unless they were being flat out assholes that told him to just sit down and shut up, they were probably just doing their job the best they could with what they had to work with.

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