Struggling Dad's Traffic Ticket Contains Heartwarming Surprise (VIDEO)

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Here's a nice holiday story for you. A man was driving in Plano, Texas when he was stopped by a police officer for an expired registration sticker. Instead of giving the cop a song and dance, the man, Hayden Carlo, was honest: He said he couldn't afford to get a new registration. Carlo, a father of two, said he told the cop: "There's no explanation for why I haven't done it, except I don't have the money. It was either feed my kids or get my registration done." The cop still gave Carlo a ticket. But when Carlo opened up the ticket, he saw something extraordinary.

Inside of the ticket envelope was a $100 bill. With the money, Carlo was able to not only register his own car, but that of his wife, too.

The officer didn't tell anyone about his show of goodwill, but Carlo's grandfather was so moved by the generous gesture that he decided to write the police department, thanking the officer.

"You just don't find that many officers who would do this type of thing," said the grandfather.

Carlo says he was so overwhelmed by the gift that "it definitely restored my faith in God." Which is nice. But hopefully it also restored his faith in humanity. After all, it was a human being who did the act.

The cop wishes to remain anonymous, but apparently told the department spokesperson: "He needed it more than me. It was the right thing to do."

According to the Daily Mail, registration in Texas costs $50 for one year. The $100 bill was enough to pay for him and his wife. But what of the ticket? No word on how much that cost him. But, hey, he could have had to pay a ticket and have no money for the registration!

Quite a nice gesture coming from a complete stranger. Especially around the holidays, when the officer himself probably was in need of cash for gifts. This is a nice little reminder that there are good people out there. Just like the officer in New York who bought a homeless man shoes. There are all types in this world, and the good outnumber the bad. But unfortunately the bad get more attention.

Thanks to Carlos and his grandfather for bringing our attention to one of the good ones!

What do you think of what the officer did? Have you ever done anything nice for a stranger? Or had one do something for you?

Image via CBSNews

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nonmember avatar shelly

I live in Texas. If you get your registration done within 3 days (I think) of the ticket, you do not have to pay the ticket.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i love that he chose to remain anonymous so that it's just about the gift itself. it warms my heart to read these kinds of stories. :) 

Smerk... Smerkalot

This is a lovely story.. I live and work in Dallas, where Plano is a suburb.  However, I don't like that this author.. and others from this site.. seem to put their blogs Subjects faith under scrutiny or question it.  You may not in fact be religious/spiritual/believe in a higher being, but for those of us that are - well it makes you look like a Grinch.  I don't tell non-Christians that they should thank a God they don't believe in instead of a mere human.  --- For Christians, everything good and pure in this world comes from God.  It's not in our sinful nature to be loving, like in this story.  So we will give praise to God surrounding ALL circumstances.

Roxygurl Roxygurl

Registration is more than 50. I paid 67 for mine last June and it should be about the same next June. I live in Houston.

Once you show proof that you registered your car the judge usually dismisses the ticket.

nonmember avatar Kayla

There need to be more stories like this, more stories of good people in the world...

I was pulled over and written a ticket on Thanksgiving day this year for the same thing. Car needs $600 worth of work done to pass inspection and I just got off unpaid maternity leave. I told him that, and that I wasn't asking for sympathy, and he certainly didn't give me any! LOL. But I'm glad that police officer was able to help this family out.

Caera Caera

"Carlo says he was so overwhelmed by the gift that "it definitely restored my faith in God." Which is nice. But hopefully it also restored his faith in humanity. After all, it was a human being who did the act."

It may have been a human being who did the generous act, but it was God who made sure that human being would be the one to pull this man over. Coincidence is just God's gentle nudge.


GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

Everyone, please stop shoving your religion down everyone's throats. You're allowed to have your beliefs, but don't push them on everyone else. This man was kind by giving this man money just because he needed it, let's give him the praise that he deserves.

nonmember avatar phoenix

Caera- wow, I didn't know that recognizing the goodness of a human being was "shoving atheism down people's throats!" Funny, I was raised to think that people have free will, and will have to answer for their action to God. But hey, jump up and down and yell about how it isn't fair to credit a man for a good deed when it was really God who made him do that.

Me, I don't want a religion that gets mad when someone says to give a man "the praise he deserves." Ooh, how dare a commentor say that! How atheist!

Smerk... Smerkalot

How are we shoving religion down others throats?? Oh right, we're not.  It's commenters like GirlNamedBillie, pheonix and bloggers as such who want to try and shut down others faiths.  Considering faith was, in fact, an element to the story.. pretty sure that Caera was in every way right to make the comment she did.  -- But you're right, Christians aren't persecuted, not ever.  Kay...

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