Jesus Lookalike Shows Up at Darts Tournament & Everything Goes to Hell (VIDEO)

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jesusdartsYou'd think there would be more perks than drawbacks to being Jesus, right? Like if Jesus showed up at, say, a darts tournament, you'd expect him to get the royal treatment, so to speak. Free beer, best seat in the house, maybe some complementary chicken wings (okay, I don't really know if people eat chicken wings at darts tournaments, but it seems like a possibility. Maybe sliders? Mozzerella sticks?) I mean, maybe they wouldn't really want Jesus to participate, cause he would have kind of an unfair advantage, but at least you wouldn't expect him to get thrown out of the joint.

Nathan Grindal is not, in fact, Jesus Christ. But he looks a lot like him. And that's exactly why he got thrown out of, you guessed it, a darts tournament.

How much does Grindal look like Jesus? Well, let's put it this way. There were about 4,500 people in the crowd at the Cash Converters Players Championships in Somerset, England, and so many of them thought he looked like The Son of God that they started up a chant: "Jesus! Jesus!" The chant got so loud, security decided the best thing would be to escort Grindal off the premises. But the crowd was NOT okay with that! So they started up a different cheer: "Stand up if you love Jesus!"

People stood up. And then some. They even got "unruly." So security hustled Grindal across the street to a pub where he could watch the tournament -- they even bought him a beer! But Grindal was still grumpy:

"I didn't go to the darts dressed as Jesus, I went as me," he said.

"It was all very weird and distressing. I didn't break down crying but I did get emotionally distraught. They were bullying me and picking on me, saying that I was someone else. It would have been okay if the security hadn't made a fuss getting me out of the arena."

Oh, Grindal. What Would Jesus Do? I think he would turn the other cheek and drink his beer.

Do you think being a Jesus lookalike would be cool or a bummer?

Image via jonmillsswns/YouTube



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eupeptic eupeptic

It sounds as though the crowd was friendly so I'm guessing it might be cool to be viewed as a Jesus look-alike.

And I want to note that this guy appears to be a redhead with some blond mixed in. Jesus has characteristics that are most commonly found in today's Arabs. (Doing an image search for prince of peace on Google shows you a painting of Jesus based on a clairvoyant's vision of him - which, according to my spirit guide, is pretty close to what Jesus looks like today, though his hair style at the present is different [though still short, but being a spirit he can change his hair, etc. to however he wants it to be whenever he wants as quickly as he can form a thought of how he'd like to appear to others] from what's depicted in the painting. And those interested in reading an interview of Jesus from April of this year can read it at the Channeling Erik blog.)

tuffy... tuffymama

You know what I got from this story? A craving for a cold beer. LOL. I haven't had one in a coon's age.

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