Prank Call Nurse Jacintha Saldanha's Suicide Notes Reveal the Source of Her Anguish

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Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who committed suicide after getting caught up in a prank call made to Kate Middleton's hospital room, left behind three suicide notes. And now some of the details of those notes are coming to light. It's finally confirmed that the motive behind her suicide was indeed the call. However, her ire wasn't directed at the source of the prank -- the Australian radio DJs who pretended to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles in order to get another nurse who was in the Duchess's room to divulge personal information about her. No, her feelings were directed elsewhere.

Reportedly, Jacinda criticized senior colleagues at the hospital where she worked, King Edward VII, for her treatment following the prank. The hospital has stated previously that Jacinda was not reprimanded, but it doesn't sound that way. Perhaps she wasn't demoted or fired, but certainly something was said to her, and whatever it was, Jacinda wasn't happy about it. Combine this with the fact that it appears that the hospital didn't immediately inform Jacinda's husband, Ben, about her suicide, and it's no wonder that the family is said to be "furious" with the hospital.

A source told the Daily Mirror:

One of the letters, which is the longest, deals with the hospital and is critical in its tone. Needless to say, Ben wants a full inquiry into what happened, and he wants to make sure the truth comes out. Within the letter Jacintha calls into question some of the treatment she received at the hospital.

Another suicide note details how she struggled to "come to terms" with the prank call. And yet another leaves instructions for her funeral.

We all want to look for whom to blame when anything bad happens. Who is to "blame" here? The hospital? The DJs? The public who tittered over the call? People like me who wrote about it? Who, who, who? We don't seem to want to accept that people make their own choice about suicide -- especially an adult (Jacinda was 46). It's tragic, yes. And, yes, events conspired to send Jacinda's mind into a dark tumultuous place.

Perhaps it is a good reminder for us all to treat each other a bit more kindly. When I first listened to the call, I thought it was just dumb and silly and funny. Not for a moment did I really consider the real people who were talking to the DJs -- and what their life might have been like with their employers after the call. I've always had understanding employers and just assumed that the nurses wouldn't be held accountable or treated poorly. One cannot assume that everyone is as lucky in their work situation.

This is a good reminder for us all. Let's all think before we speak, before we write, before we go off on someone we hardly know. I've been guilty of it (try being a blogger and not having strong opinions, often negative, about people in the news). We all do it in our personal lives. We gossip. We spread rumors. We get online and take out anger on people we don't even know or call people names just because we disagree with them.

Let's think about it.

Do you think the hospital is at fault?


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MamaD... MamaDee83

I feel like she must have had other things going on (depression?) in her life that lead up to this. She killed herself because of the prank call? It seems a little bit of a jump to me, but then again I am not suicidal... So Idk.

power... powertothekids

mamadee83 i have been a prank call could cause suicide

nonmember avatar Mojito

She must have had some other issues going on that led her to commit suicide. Either way, it is such a tragedy. I must say, however, that the hospital should have at least said something about her carelessness. Especially when dealing with a celebrity, more caution should have been taken to maintain patient confidentiality.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

She broke the law and she knew she was going to get heat for it. She could have lost her nursing license which then would have made her unable to provide for her family. Where there other underlying causes? Most likely...

Sorry, Nurse Jacintha... Rules are rules!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

To be a foreigner and have such a good job was not probably an easy feat--the shame she felt and fear of loosing her job could have been too great.  I have lived in places where I didn't speak the language well, had to struggle to get by.  She probably took her job very seriously and knew it would be hard to replace.

Missi... MissiQuinn

@Pinkmani - Jacintha did not give out personal information. She transferred the call. She did confirm Kate was there, but that was public information that had already been released by the royals themselves. She could not have lost her license over that. Also, if you bothered to research, she was filling in as a receptionist because the hospital was understaffed. She was not trained to be a receptionist. So yes, the hospital should not be coming down on her. If you have someone perform a job and don't bother to explain how to handle certain situations, you can't blame them when something goes wrong. Your lack of compassion for a dead woman is disgusting.

DebaLa DebaLa

What any of these articles fail to mention is, the great shame someone of Indian descent feels when they've been punished. It marks the family. That's why instead of going TO her family for solace, she hid it FROM them. She died of the perceived great shame to befall her family. 

When the story first broke, it was the hospital that was the first to jump up to say, "No, she was not reprimanded, nor will she lose her job!" You had to know they reamed her up and down from the start. They knew their part in her death. Add the mounting public and media humiliation to the mix, her death really isn't a stretch. Similar to Japan and other cultures who choose suicide to pay for the shame, tho not so prevalent anymore (thank god).

pupuk... pupukeawahine

You're right Debala. It's called "saving face" in Asian cultures.

tuffy... tuffymama

It's just so sad, regardless of whether it was culture or depression that put this woman in such a desperate place that suicide was a logical next step for her. I wish peace for her soul. Suicide cannot be an easy decision to make, guilt free and happily.

nonmember avatar night magic

this is so sad !!! i never ever agreed with bullying or prank calls that hurt and dedeem the person they are contacting .i wish all prank calls would stop .why is upsetting people a form of entertainment .

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