13-Year-Old Mom Reportedly Buries Her Newborn in the Woods

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handcuffsIt's one of those stories where you want to hate the accused, but you're having a hard time summoning the appropriate anger. A 13-year-old girl has been arrested outside Atlanta, Georgia on felony murder charges. Cops say the teen mother buried her newborn baby in the woods behind her house.

There's no answer yet from medical examiners of how the baby died, but it's almost beside the point. A child is dead. And a slightly older child, but a child all the same, is behind bars ... after giving birth.

Perhaps seeing teenage mothers splashed across the covers of the tabloids has made society inured to the horror of mere children giving birth, but I can't get out of my mind the image of a 13-year-old girl, scared and confused, trying to figure out what is wrong with her body as a child grows inside of her. I flash too to the image of a 13-year-old girl giving birth.

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At 13, I wasn't even wearing a bra yet; at least not on days when I didn't have to change in front of my peers in gym class. I probably had a Barbie or two still lying around my bedroom. I know I still slept with my stuffed rabbit. Because I was still very much a child.

That is what 13 is. It's the very first of the teen years, a far cry from womanhood.

It's not an age when someone -- anyone -- should be pregnant, forget being an actual mother. At best, this child's child should have been whisked away into an immediate adoption, the new "mother" already in therapy to help her deal with the tragic circumstances of her life.

The fact that this 13-year-old girl somehow ended up with a dead baby -- remember, despite the murder charge, we do not know how this baby died -- shows an apparent failure of the adults in her life to protect her.

If this girl somehow caused her baby's death, she needs punishment, yes. But let's not forget that she is a victim too, a child victim.

What do you think should be done with this girl, this 13-year-old mother?


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mrssu... mrssundin

This girl isn't a victim. Her baby is. At 13the years old you have enough intelligence to talk to someone even if its only friends.

Kelly Bach Render

I love how this 13 year old is a child but when you did a story on the 14 year old who gave birth to her child in a toilet and strangled it she was an adult......and should be put in jail for life. Seriously? 18 is the legal age of an adult for a reason and that's because your brain doesn't start to think "adult like" until that age.

Millie Dearwester

where was the girls mother who is the father of baby was it rape,incest what? not the girls fault she should go free an get help not jail

Susan Rowe

Perhaps another person should be in jail also, for statutory rape

Crissy Cosby Howell

The father of the baby was 14. And I agree on where were their parents and how do you not know your 13 year old is pregnant??

nonmember avatar Ms black

Were is the guy who got her pregant he should be held responsible for wat he did to that child and yes she should b punish where were her parent at too when she was havin sex

Christina DeRyke

How is the way that the baby died beside the point? Was it still born? Did it die naturally? Were it's airways clogged? There are several ways for an infant to die other than murder. What if she gave birth to a baby that died and, in a panic, hid the baby to keep her parents from kicking her out, beating her, or worse. Being buried alive would have left signs: dirt in the airway and lungs. No one should be rushing to judgement yet.

nonmember avatar Crystal

This story is lacking a lot of information for us to really make a proper judgement such as where where the parenets when this happened? Who is the father? How old is the father? Was this forced onto her? etc. These questions will help determine the judgement of the girls fate. If this was forced onto her then it was not her fault and she should go free and get other help such as therapy and the one who forced this upon her should be locked up for good. She was still a baby herself.

Sarah Greer

The child is the victim. I feel sry for the mother if she didnt willing have sex and get pregant but if u put ur self in a postion to get pregant then deal with what happens. Kids arent getting pregnant because tv they are doing it cause they thinks its cool.! I feel sorry for the baby and its very sad that a baby died no matter how it happened!

nonmember avatar cathyc.

Obviously this girl is still a baby. I can guarantee she had noone to go to for help. Truth is we have no idea about her life or exactly what happened. I'm saddened by her story and the loss of the baby. So don't. Pass judgement. Take into consideration that we cannot possibly understand what's going on with her. Sad and tragic story.to say the least.

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