Congressman’s Son Beats Up Girlfriend & Dad Simply Refers to It as 'Embarrassing'

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Rep. Jim Moran

Patrick Moran, the son of Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA), pleaded guilty on Wednesday to beating the crap out of his girlfriend. Well, those are my words. The Washington City Paper reported it as “brutally assaulting,” but I’m pretty sure that’s the same as beating the snot out of someone.

According to the police report, on December 1, Patrick and his girlfriend were at a bar in Washington, D.C., when they started arguing over his talking to another girl. Patrick then slammed her head into a metal trash can cage outside the bar. Later at Howard University Hospital, the lady was diagnosed with a broken nose and a skull fracture under her right eye.

Patrick Moran was charged for felony domestic violence assault but was able to get off on simple assault. He was sentenced to probation. Let me repeat: He was sentenced to probation for crushing his girlfriend’s skull into a piece of metal.

His dad didn't seem too out of sorts over the whole thing. In an official statement, Jim Moran said, “I hope their privacy will be respected. They look forward to putting this embarrassing situation behind them.” He also described them as “good kids.”

Is it just me, or do “good kids” not go around smacking their girlfriends? I hope the only thing this chick leaves behind is this loser. No woman deserves to be hit by her partner, and Representative Moran is doing a disservice to the millions of women living in fear in an abusive relationship.

"Embarrassing" situation? No. As Vice President Joe Biden would say, it’s a big f***ing deal! Twenty-five percent of all women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime, and three women die at the hands of their intimate partners in the United States every day. It’s estimated that up to three million women are abused by their husbands or boyfriends per year.

These women need help, and this is a missed opportunity to shed light on the terrible situations that too many women find themselves in. How can they be encouraged to leave their abusive partners when they see a congressman exude an attitude like, “Meh -- it ain’t no thing”? Actually, a fractured skull is a thing. Someone who breaks his girlfriend’s head is not a good kid.

But what can you expect from the elder Moran? After all, like father, like son -- in 1995, Capitol Hill Police had to pull him off California Republican Randy Cunningham on the House floor, and he once told Washingtonian magazine, “I like to hit people.”

Domestic abuse is not cool, and if your partner hits you, it is a big deal, no matter what Jim Moran says. If you need help, you can visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website or call 1-800-799-SAFE(7233).

Have you ever been involved in an abusive relationship or known someone that has? How could you help someone in this situation?

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bills... billsfan1104

I hope you will constantly talk about this like you guys did the "legitimate rape" comment. But I doubt it.

nonmember avatar carly

I just want to be sure it gets pointed our that men are also victims of domestic abuse. While it's more common to heat about women suffering from it, many men are just as afraid as women to report it.

bills... billsfan1104

Oh wait, I just looked at the author. Figures she would bring this up and liberal bloggers are going to remain mum on this.

tinyp... tinypossum

Bills-what's this got to do with conservative vs. liberal? Why must EVERYTHING be about that? Actually, I strongly doubt that this author would have written about this if it HADN'T been the son of a democratic representative.  I actually live in Moran's district and his campaign headquarters were across the street from where I work, so this has been fairly big news around here. The only people making excuses for him are his father and his girlfriend. This has NOTHING to do with party. It has everything to do with a jerk hitting his girlfriend and her putting up with it. 

Oh, and pleading guilty to a lower charge happens every single day in every jurisdiction in this country. Again, nothing to do with politics. You guys need a hobby. 

Stink... Stinkydog

I never, ever (ever) thought I would say this, but:  I agree with you Jenny, 100%. Regardless of what party this jackass and his jackass son belong to, it IS a big $*&ing deal and should not be swept under the rug. The fact that this ape got off with probation is literally stomach churning. 

nonmember avatar Theresa

People who don't really care about issues easily politicize serious issues. They can never be taken seriously.

zandh... zandhmom2

I live in Maryland and I haven't heard one thing about this on our local new stations and yes, it is a big deal! I hope the girlfriend leaves him and never looks back.

RMT1995 RMT1995

As someone who was in an abusive relationship as a teenager for 3 years, I can say that this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with either of their parents and it REALLY has nothing to do with politics. My ex's parents were decent people, and they knew nothing about the things their son did while we dated. He's quoted as referring to it as embarassing, and I'm sure it is TO HER. I hated when I had to tell my mother or police about one particular incident that escalated, if it were public news I'd be mortified, even though none of it was my fault. What can you do to help someone in a similar situation? Don't write a hateful, politically-charged article about it, for one.  This jerk was let off with probation most likely because SHE refused to press charges. No one, including his father, no matter WHAT he says, is going to make her leave him until SHE decides to. I know all about it. DO YOU?

This whole situation has nothing to do with Jim Moran. The fact that his son did this is horrible. He deserves jail time, no doubt. The fact that she won't press charges and make him accountable for his actions isn't too great either. She needs support and it might be a long time before she smartens up.

Did you see that he was a Dem and start salivating? Would you have even given it a second look if he were Rep? You making this into a political issue is disgusting though.

RMT1995 RMT1995

And FYI - I tried to find the link to the Washingtonian quote. I found that Jim Moran was an amatuer boxer so I can see how easy that quote can be bent and used to your own liking. Any link to that quote was NOT to the Washingtonian, but to pro-Republican blogs. Of course. If anyone can post it, I'd honestly be interested in reading it.

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