Triplets All in Jail on Felony Charges

That's Criminal 6

Shivers TripletsThree Michigan brothers -- Deshawn, Juronn, and Devon Shivers -- are making headlines this week, but not for anything to tout. Rather the 21-year-old triplets have come into the spotlight because they're all currently in jail on felony charges.

According to the Smoking Gun, Deshawn and Juronn were convicted Monday for robbery and conspiracy and are currently in jail. The charges reportedly came from an incident in 2010 in which they stole money and a cell phone from a man. Devon has been locked up since last year for home invasion, weapons possession, and assault with intent to commit murder. If sentenced to prison, Deshawn and Jurron will join him at the Saginaw Correctional Facility where he's imprisoned until at least 2042. What a tragic family reunion that would be.

It's serious stuff for sure and pretty remarkable that triplets would all be incarcerated together, but I can't help but think about their mother and what a nightmare this would be for any parent.

It's hard enough to imagine one of your children committing such heinous acts, and then having them locked up from society, away from you. But to have THREE of your children follow that path is unthinkable.

I know nothing about this woman, nor what role she had in raising them, but I imagine if she is alive she is filled with regrets, guilt, and questions about where she went wrong. She may not be to blame for their behavior, but I know if one of my children went to jail there would be no way I wouldn't blame myself in part.  If they all did ... I can't even imagine.

That's not to say that all people to go to jail have bad parents by any means. Sometimes no matter what parents do, their children go astray. Whenever I see stories of crimes being committed, like the Oregon mall shooting yesterday, I think first of course of the victims, but then always of the assailant's parents. I imagine their pain in knowing they love and raised someone who could do something this horrific, and I can't help but feeling some sympathy for them as well. 

So while, like I said, I don't know anything about the Shivers triplets' mother. But that doesn't stop me from thinking of her and wondering what she may be going through now.

Would you blame yourself if one of your children went to prison? What if more than one of them did?

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Venae Venae

You can't help but think about their mother....funny how you didn't wonder about their father.

nonmember avatar CrystalMP

I know (well knew, I dont really associate with them anymore)three guys like this who go in and out of jail all the time. The youngest just got out of a 7 year stay in jail. If you we're to ask their mom how she feels about it she would blame the police and call it discrimination. So there you go

holly... hollywood74

i do believe you cant blame the parents when grown kids do bad things, but as a mother you do kinda blame yourself. your kids are grown people who make there own decisions. but you cant help but to ask, where did i go wrong. and yeah your first thought was poor mother but where is dad? so sad!

jessi... jessicasmom1

hmm can't help to think about the family tree .. where is Dad?

MomMom23 MomMom23

I know people say you can't blame the parents....but THREE of your children locked up for felonies? I would seriously think about what kind of mother I had been and where I went wrong.

Carolyn Morris

Some times it doesn't matter how you parent a child, if they are born without a conscience,I don't know how most people feel and not sure my self if you are born with one or if children can be taught.I know i tried but i think most know right from wrong but doesn't believe it pertains to them.

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