Chris Christie Can Be Fat & A Good President, Too

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Chris ChristieBarbara Walters is apparently obsessed with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's weight. She brought up Christie's weight before and she's doing it again. This time to his face.

Yep, despite deciding that Christie is one of her "10 Most Fascinating People" this year, she somehow missed the fact that in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he seemed to be everywhere at once and never missed a beat. She actually had the nerve to ask him if he thought he's too fat to be President of the United States.

Is she kidding, shockingly rude, or just completely oblivious?

Walters asks Christie what he says to people who worry he's too fat to be President. Oh Barbara, please shut it.

Christie's reply is what anyone (especially anyone who's ever struggled with their weight, which is basically most of us ...) would say: Back off, lady.

I've done this job pretty well, and I think people watched me for the last number of weeks and Hurricane Sandy doing 18-hour days and getting right back up the next day and still being just as effective in the job.

Take THAT, Barbara Walters!

It's on the same level as asking Hillary Clinton "who she's wearing." Banal, stupid, and utterly offensive. He's an elected official and former prosecutor. He's not some schmo who just rolled in off the street for the express purpose of talking about which jobs he is or isn't too fat to do well. That woman's got some balls if that's what she's asking a potential presidential candidate. Not about policies. Not about plans and goals for making America stronger. Nope.

Why are you so fat?

It makes me stabby. (I am not going to stab anything.) Whether you agree with his policies and positions or not, Christie's weight is none of anybody's business, and that Barbara Walters thought that was worth talking about to one of the "most fascinating" people of the year, maybe it's time she retired.

Do you think Barbara Walters crossed the line in asking Chris Christie if he's too fat to be president?

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

Couldn't agree more Jennifer. That was abominable of Walters.

Austin Keenan

He's pretty "portly".    I think when you see people like that it makes you curious and even concerned whether or not they suffer any side effects  and if it impacts their quality of life.    While it's none of our business,   he might appreciate being able to get it out there so people can concentrate on other things about him.

Pinst... Pinstripes4

He looks like a teddy bear. And a very presidential teddy he would be! I agree; they should leave the poor guy alone. If only he would work on his temper...

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I abhor that woman, as well as the rest of her evil crones... they just meddle and seek to hurt people. It is disgusting.

kisse... kisses5050

WOuld she ask Hillary that? or say " Do you think you are attractive enough to be president?"

Rudeness does not make for compelling only makes you rude.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

We've had plenty of heavy presidents. However, I don't like Chris Christie...

tuffy... tuffymama

Barbara Walters is a bitchfaced whore. She's an admitted slut! Why anyone would care about anything that desiccated skank has to say, I don't know. She must give a hella BJ to be where she is. That said, I can't fully endorse a man for president if he appears to have such a gross lack of control OR a terrible health problem. Bear in mind I gained over 100 pounds when my thyroid shut down. I can't be president. I just can't. My health right now wouldn't allow it. A former coworker was so enormously overweight (teddy bear, hell!), and he just ate and ate and ate all fucking day in his office, every day. No control. No attempt at control. That's not presidential material, either.

Regina Stoltz

I have never liked Barbara Walters and I never will. She's so stupid and ignorant that she should have retired YEARS ago. It's from hanging around all those hags on the View.  Everyone looks up to her as this "respected journalist" when she's really dumber than a box of rocks in a woodpile.  She puts on  a real show of being intelligent but she's not. Any body can ask questions of people, it's listening to the answers that count. 

It doesn't matter how much some one weighs. If they can do their job effecentily than who cares. People put too much stock into how someone "looks" rather than their attitude, competence and skills.

douxm... douxmusique

Lmbo @tuffymama hahahahhahaha

gem09... gem092011

Babs is utterly annoying. What a ridiculous thing to air during the interview.

President William Howard Taft was MUCH fatter than Christie. Just sayin'.

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