Oregon Mall Shooter Identified But Motive May Remain a Mystery Forever (VIDEO)

oregon mall shooterYesterday's fatal Oregon mall shooting was a jarringly violent disruption of the holiday season. The perpetrator has been named, but in many ways, he remains a mystery. Police identified the Oregon mall shooter as 22-year-old Portland resident Jacob Tyler Roberts. He had no previous criminal record.

As far as investigators know, he had no connection with any of the victims or with the mall. We don't know what his motive was. We just know that he was wearing a white hockey mask, that he was shooting everywhere as if he were trying to kill as many people as possible, and that he left two people dead and one teenager injured. Roberts also died of a self-inflicted gun wound. Another thing we know: This incident could have been much, much worse.


Jacob Roberts is believed to have shot about 10-15 rounds with a stolen AR-15 semi-automatic weapon before his gun jammed. He got it working again, but thankfully police arrived quickly and shoppers managed to flee safely. Still, had the rifle not jammed, police say Roberts may have claimed more lives.

The victims' names have also been released: Cindy Ann Yuille (54) and Steven Mathew Forsyth (45). Fifteen-year-old Kristina Schevchenko is recovering at the hospital for a gunshot wound that reportedly bruised -- but did not pierce -- her lungs.

I hope we find out more, like the shooter's motive and how he came across that rifle. There is no federal or Oregon state ban on semi-automatic weapons. But it seems like it's always the same story, over and over again. And still these shootings keep happening.


What do you think it'll take to make these mass, public shootings stop?


Image via ABC

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