Alleged Subway Pusher Gets a Lawyer & Now Says He Was the Real Victim

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SubwayWhat a difference a week makes! Last week police in New York City arrested 30-year-old Naeem Davis, naming him as the subway pusher in the death of 58-year-old Ki Suk Han. They let the world know that the alleged subway pusher showed no remorse. Fast forward to today, and Davis' lawyer says his client was justified in pushing Han in front of the oncoming Q train. 

Could this be what happens when you lawyer up? The details suddenly change?

Video of Davis and Han had shown the two men arguing before the now infamous push, and witness reports to media have already shown the Queens man was apparently inebriated. And Stephen Pokart of Legal Aid is using all that to his client's advantage, painting the dead man as the aggressor, a bully of sorts who was bothering Davis. He even went so far as to admit his client was the subway pusher, but claimed it was an accident:

If he pushed to get him away from him, it may have been justified. Unfortunately, it appears that the push was too hard and he fell off the platform.

Considering we last heard that Davis was satisfied only to hear his victim's torso snap, it's a tale that's hard to believe.

Then again, Davis is a homeless man whose mental state is unknown. And the kindly officer providing shoes to a guy in Times Square aside, the dust-ups between the homeless population and police are legendary.

We are afforded the right to an attorney for a reason: because we aren't always good at defending ourselves. Maybe Naeem Davis is the monster he's been made out to be. Then again, maybe he just needed a good lawyer to help him clear this whole thing up.

We'll know soon enough. But the new spin the lawyer has put on the subway pushing is certainly food for thought.

What do you think? Is it possible that the subway pusher was in the right or is this just good lawyer speak?


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CPN322 CPN322

Not possible what so ever. It is never appropriate to push someone so close to the subway rails unless they are trying to kill you or sexually assault you. Verbal aggression does not justify what this man did.


That man looks crazy,but the lawyer is doing what he is suppose to do for his client. Ever since that case where the guy choked out and killed the girl he was having intimate relations

(The Preppy Murder) lawyers have been blaming the victim. So I'm not surprised at the attys. Statement;although I'm waiting for the crazy card to be played.

dirti... dirtiekittie

of course they paint the dead man in a bad light - he isn't here to defend himself and has to rely on eyewitnesses and video/photo evidence to tell his side. it's the lawyer's job to get his client the best deal he can by what means necessary. and this is why many defense lawyers are labeled as horribly as they are.

mleil... mleilanim

"Now says he was the real victim" he's been saying that since the second he was arrested. He says the guy was taunting him, being verbally abusive or maybe that's how a man w limited capacity comprehended the mans actions. Then he felt his only way to respond was to push him.

Maybe the pushER was annoying the pushEE & instead of ignoring the man w mental incapacities he egged him on. Who knows!?!?

AdryF AdryF

lawyer junk... Sorry but that is what they get paid for...

deept... deepthinker

Why is it assumed that the guy who did the pushing is some type of monster.  There is video of the arguement on youtube.  Naeem Davis was against the wall and the guy Ki Suk Han was in his face, like withn inches.  Davis is clearly heard saying "Leave me the F*ck alone go stand your motherf*cking a*s over there and wait for the R train and that's it" and you can here Han saying "NO".  Han is said to have been drunk.  If a drunk person is in your face and harrassing you and won't leave you alone, and you push them away from you, and they stumble on to the tracks.  Why are you guilty of murder?

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