10 Ridiculous Employees Who Deserved to Get Fired


get out signThe recent story about three women whose fun girls' night came to a halt when a waiter referred to them as "fat girls" on the bill has outraged many of us. It's rude, insensitive, and completely uncalled for. He wasn't even apologetic when they confronted him. There was such a public backlash that management fired the server and understandably so. As outrageous as his actions were, it wasn't exactly rare. There are many incidences of people whose ridiculous, over-the-top behavior gets them canned too. Take at look 10 other unbelievable employees who deserved to get fired

  1. A Taco Bell employee actually had the nerve to post a TwitPic of himself peeing on a customer's nacho order. Gross doesn't even come close to describing his behavior.
  2. He had to see this one coming. A mall Santa who was grumpy, rude, and mean to kids got the axe. He even told one little girl who asked for a doll that he was going to give her a football instead.
  3. A Thai flight attendant went off the deep end, threatening to throw coffee at a business class passenger, who happened to be the daughter of a despised political leader.
  4. A Burger King employee celebrated his birthday by taking a bath in the restaurant's sink. He got caught when a co-worker posted a video of his soak on the Web.
  5. A Buckingham Palace guard was barred from the royal wedding because of his boorish Facebook posts. What did he expect after referring to Kate Middleton as a "posh bitch"? He's lucky they didn't lock him up in the Tower or London.
  6. Gilbert Gottfried thought he was being funny when he tweeted insensitive jokes about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Instead of earning the comedian laughs, it got him fired from his gig as the Aflac duck.
  7. Ok, Steven Slater didn't exactly get fired. But he's on the list for most dramatic job exit of all time. The JetBlue flight attendant went berserk after a passenger was extremely rude to him. He went on a tirade, grabbed two beers from the galley, activated the emergency slide, threw his carry-on bag down, and then jumped himself.
  8. Cleveland bus driver Artis Hughes punched the crap out of a female passenger who argued with him. I'm sure his job was no picnic, but he deserved to get the boot for pummeling that woman, no matter what she said.
  9. Not to be outdone by that Burger King guy, three bikini-clad teenage girls working at KFC turned the chain's basin into a hot tub. Then one of the geniuses posted a pic of it on MySpace.
  10. Starbucks barista Christopher Cristwell crafted the most melodic rant you will ever hear. His original song, posted to YouTube, included this wicked verse:
I know you've had a s****y day but so have I, I really don't want to care, but I get paid to try/hello rich white lady, I already know what you want, you want a skinny vanilla latte, young debutante/well that drink won't make you skinny, you gotta work for that, and just in case you're running, I just called you fat ...

Have you heard of other outrageous behavior that has gotten someone fired?


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starm... starmoonlight

Disagree with 8. I'm from Cleveland. What people don't know is that him losing his job caused a lot of issues on buses. Scalding coffee thrown in a bus ops face, a couple of others were brutally attacked and the list goes on. These people figure they will get away with it. What your article also lacks is facts. She spit on him. I would have uppercutted her also. Most of Cleveland backs him up. So before you post another article, do some research.

Austin Keenan

Some of these go beyond firing.   They could be charged with reckless endangerment, assault or even manslaughter if someone got ill enough to die from someone peeing/spitting in their food.    It sounds like fun or good revenge but it's dangerous and with camera's all over the place and potential witnesses,   they'd be wise to count to ten.

tuffy... tuffymama

Holy cow, starmoonlight! Ugh. Isn't spitting on someone assault? She deserved it. That nasty bitch.

4cadi... 4cadillac

Im going 2 disagree...the bus driver held a professional job & he should have known better than 2 follow her up. That hit apparently didnt phase hur while he has lost his job & may have cost his family hardship.  She is still a female & should not have hit her. If this is the norm in Cleveland then maybe the penality(s) needs 2b stronger for offenders.

jkm89 jkm89

I saw the video of the bus driver punching that "lady". I would have punched her too. I can't stand women who think they can do whatever they want to whoever they want without repercussions simply because they have a vagina. Not saying the bus driver was right but the blame isn't all his.

starm... starmoonlight

Tuffymama, it is assault. 4cadillac, if you're going to act like a man.. Expect to be treated like one. If I hit or spit on a man, I would expect him to do something in return. This isn't a domestic issue, this is a POS getting on a bus and acting like unruly trash. She had it coming. What's sad is that she does have a child, the kid will be the same. He tried calling the transit police but she knocked the phone out of his hand. Since it happened here, our news channels are giving all the information they can. While a news station in another area will just say 'RTA driver hits customer' without giving all the facts.

nonmember avatar Analyzethis

I just LOVE how people take stories and turn them around. The Cleveland female passenger SHIDEA N. LANE SPIT AND HIT the bus driver while he was driving. The only thing he should have been reperimanded for is arguing with her in the first place. Let someone assault you with their hands and fist. You must like it.

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