Iowa Cousins' Cause of Death Will Remain a Mystery if One Mom Has Anything to Do With It

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Missing Iowa girlsThe bodies found by hunters earlier this month in a wildlife area have officially been identified as missing Iowa cousins Lyric Cook Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins. But if Heather Collins has anything to do with it, we may never know how the girls died.

The mother of the younger of the two girls abducted in July while on a bike ride has come out to let the world know she has no interest in learning how her daughter died. In fact, 9-year-old Elizabeth's mom says she's already forgiven the killer (or killers) of her child and niece.

Said Heather in the lead-up to Elizabeth's funeral:

The more I know and the more evil I know about it, it would consume me. It would consume my mind, and I don't need that.

I have said, from day one, we forgive whoever did this, and we still do. Whoever did this, we forgive you. It is not for us to judge you, to judge what you have done to our beautiful daughter and to our niece. It's in God's hands, and he will take care of it.

My first thoughts? Good for her! This woman is going through the worst moments of her entire life, and she's finding the strength to get through it. When you consider the suicide rate for parents who have lost children, anything a parent can cling to to get through is worth it.

And yet, I can't help but wonder if this will all hit her, and everything will change. Grief is often cyclical. We go through periods of denial, acceptance, anger.

Heather Collins may never get angry with the person who killed Lyric and Elizabeth. But she will have to face that whoever killed her daughter and niece needs to be brought to justice, if for no other reason than because this person (or persons -- we still don't know) is a threat to other children. You don't simply abduct and murder two innocent children, then return to living a nice, quiet, law-abiding life. There is likely still a psychopath out there. No one wants to face that, but we all have to.

We will need to know a lot more about this case -- from cause of death to, hopefully, eventually, who caused it -- before this is over. I just hope Heather and the rest of the Collins, Cook, and Morrissey families will be protected in all of the hoopla that is yet to come.

Put yourself in Elizabeth Collins' mom's shoes. Would you be able to just turn it off like her? 


Image via Black Hawk County Sheriff's Department 

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worki... workingmama86

I would want to know what happened, and I wouldn't have such an easy time forgiving... But I would see that the murderer was punished to the fullest extent. I pray to God that i never have to go through something like this! :(

Courtney Paige Neale

Honestly, the first thought that came to my mind was wth. I can understand forgiving the murderers after a while, but right away? That just doesn't even seem right.

nonmember avatar Elaine Warner

Heather Collins is in the right place for now, and God will provide her with the comfort she needs. She has made the right choice to forgive this person that brought the death of her daughter and niece. Forgiveness is the first step of healing. BUT, having said that, I pray Heather will come to realize God may be choosing her as a vessel to do His will. Heather is the strong one in this family. It may be God wants her to actually help this very sick person and get him or them where they can get the help they need and remove them from the society of temptation to other young girls. The individual or individuls that did this has a thirst for it. They are serial killers. Heather needs to realize if another girl or girls end up with the same fate as Elizabeth and Lyric she herself will be asking if she did as God wanted her to do. Since July 13th, I have prayed daily for Elizabeth and Lyric. I feel very blessed the girls were found and the parents now have closure. The outcome wasn't what we wanted, but God provided the gift of closure. But the work has just begun and now I pray the ones that took those young lives will be found and placed into a facility where they can harm no other children.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I think I would want to know. Great if she doesn't but that other patent has a right to know if they choose that. As for us, the public, it's not out business. I am just glad they have bodies : ( so freaking sad for that family.

Grand... GrandmaKaren3

She is doing the right thing, what we as Christians are called to do-forgiving, as He has forgiven us. Considering what he/they did, it is truly amazing. Since there is an open investigation now, I would imagine the detectives need to know the cause of death however. God Bless these families.

bills... billsfan1104

I wouldnt want to know how my child was murdered.  Like she said it would consume her, it would me too.  I wouldnt want that hatred in my heart. 

Mommi... MommietoJB

I get how as a mother,that it would hurt to know exactly the details of what heinous acts were done to my baby but even though it would be unbearable I would want to know what happen so the killer can be caught and other children in the community can be kept safe. I dont understand at all how parents of murdered children can say they forgive the monster that took their children. I would never be able to even say those words, and its so soon after finding the girls bodies.

nonmember avatar avamariah

I lost a child and sure wanted to know how he was killed.This must be denial because I've never seen anything like it this fast.This person will keep killing.

jhslove jhslove

If she wants to forgive the killer, that's her prerogative. I can't say I would have such an easy time, but it's her life. However, to say that we can't judge the killer? Sorry, but yes we can. People who kill, and especially people who kill children, deserve to be judged.

I have a really hard time with this "whatever you did, no one has the right to judge you" line of thinking. There are some actions that absolutely do deserve to be judged, and this is one of them.

Andi Dodd

I agree with her... I wouldn't want to know how much my baby suffered.  I'd like to just pretend it was quick and painless and continue my mourning process, without having to think about what my baby had to go through leading up to her death.... man, crying just thinking about it. :(

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