Michigan Right-to-Work Law Spurs Mayhem & Violent Protests

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The Michigan legislature has just passed a “right-to-work” law, which prevents private and public unions from imposing mandatory fees and membership. It doesn’t allow or prevent people from working, it just gives them the choice to support their union or not. Previously, employees at a union shop did not have the right to make their own decision about whether or not they wanted to join -- their fees were automatically deducted from their paychecks.

Michigan joins 23 other states who have passed similar legislation in an attempt to reign in the largesse of union contracts, which have significantly contributed to state deficits.  

Unions are upset because losing mandatory dues will significantly impinge on their revenues and power across the nearly bankrupt state. Losing members who opt out could cost Michigan unions as much as $100 million annually.

Inversely, that means that $100 million will go back into the pockets of hard-working Americans in Michigan. It will also boost state revenues as legislators have more leeway to re-negotiate contracts and pensions for public unions. One study confirms that “right-to-work” states attract more jobs and have lower unemployment rates, and the results in other states speak for themselves. In Wisconsin, where legislators and Governor Walker faced and survived a recall vote, a $3.6 billion deficit has been trimmed down without raising taxes and unemployment is down to 6.7 percent.

This is good news, right? Well not for the unions pissed off at losing their legally mandated cash cow. So they sat down with a cup of tea and had a lovely chat with union employees to encourage them to keep contributing to their cause. Remember, this new law doesn’t outlaw unions -- it gives the workers the free choice to join or not.

I’m totally kidding about that civility thing. Mass protests are underway at the State House in Detroit. Democratic State Representative Douglas Geiss claimed, “There will be blood,” from the floor of the House. Conservative commentator Steven Crowder was attacked multiple times with no provocation, and the protesters pulled down a tent housing the grassroots organization Americans for Prosperity, which supports the legislation.

The teachers are protesting by not showing up to work, even though only 7 percent of eighth-graders in Detroit are proficient in reading. Yeah, teaching is all about the kids to these educators. [*Insert eye-roll here*]

The unions don’t want workers to have a choice. They are bullies to the core, and will resort to violence to silence the opposition. Stay classy, guys.

What do you think these violent protests say about the unions?

Image via StevenCrowder/YouTube

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Felly... FellyScarlett

When I worked at a grocery store that was part of a union I had to pay about $300 in union dues. The store was only giving me 15 hours a week.

Jespren Jespren

Their protests say it all. If they were doing good, workers would join willingly. There was a time, when labor laws were non existant, when unions brought power to the common workers and gave them bargaining push with their industries. Then workers risked everything just to join, even though the dues came from a pitance of wage. But now we have hard fought labor laws and unions now sit around generally making workers and managements lives miserable while fleecing both. If they were, are, or ever are again actually needed workers will again gladly pay to belong, but mandatory dues is just thieft.

dreab... dreabug23

These "bullies" that you speak of are my people. I was born and raises in the UAW's birthplace, Flint, Michigan. My father's hard work for GM and his membership In the UAW I afforded my family a modest home in a safe neighborhood, a college education for my sister and I and the opportunity for my father to spend weekends with his family after a week of hard, honest work.

I have never met a wealthy union member. That is because they do not exist.

This is just an underhanded attempt to weaken worker rights.

The RTW proposal will hurt Michigan families.

I stand with American workers.

dreab... dreabug23

Please forgive typos....I did this on my phone.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Michigan is doing a great thing with this legislation. Unions have become big businesses themselves. The top union execs exploit the common worker. The union bosses are just worried about losing their bully clout. Keep at it Michigan!

tuffy... tuffymama

Two words: WOO HOO!

Procr... Procrastamom

It'll be just hilarious when teachers are earning minimum wage and US schools are not only low on worldwide educational rankings, but at the very bottom.  All of the Right will be asking, "what happened?"...or basically blaming it on Progressives as per usual.  Ha, ha, ha.

Oh and while you're at it, just pay all former union workers 7 bucks an hour (with no benefits and no safety standards to boot) and then wonder where the middle class has gone.

I'm with you, dreabug...there are no wealthy union workers, just people who are financially secure enough to stay off welfare & foodstamps, feed & house their families, pay their taxes and have a little left over for some extras.

I want to know when the Right became so against honest hard work when their mantra is basically, "pull up your bootstraps, work hard and you and yours will be fine."

nonmember avatar kate

The need for unions may have been valid 30-50 years ago, but now they've grown accustomed to their money and power, and have become the very thing they origionally set out to protect employees from. Any money and political gains they profit should all be abolished.

bills... billsfan1104

None is saying that union members don't deserve fair wages. What this is about are unions not forcing people to pay union dues. It gives them a choice.

nonmember avatar Littlefrogs

It's just about not forcing people to join unions.
Last yaer, it was just about not allowing public sector unions.
Next year, it will just be about allowing employers to fire 'troublemakers' (ie union members).

It's about busting unions so that the worker can be paid less while the executives profit madly.

It's about greed... but it will destroy America.

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