Murdered Mom of Valedictorian May Have Been Obsessed With Sorcery & Witchcraft (VIDEO)

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valedictorian murderFormer high school valedictorian Jeffrey Pyne is on trial for the murder of his mother. His defense team says he had nothing to do with his mother's death by bludgeoning and stabbing. But Pyne's ex-girlfriend, Holly Freeman, testified against him today. And she sure did give us one hell of a motive for why Pyne might have killed his mom.

Apparently Pyne's mother, Ruth, suffered from severe mental illness. This is sad to learn, of course. But according to Freeman, Ruth was a violent and abusive woman who thought her medications were witchcraft. And that's just the beginning.

Freeman told the jury that Ruth "believed her medication was sorcery and witchcraft, and therefore evil. She had been storing knives in the headboard of her bed. She watched the religious channel, walked around with the Bible." And that would scare the bejeezus out of anyone. I mean, it's bad enough that she allegedly refused to take her meds. But if Freeman's testimony is true, Ruth had more or less turned her home into a haunted house. Imagine living with a woman obsessed with sorcery and evil. She almost sounds like the mother in the movie Carrie.

Those "evil" meds were court ordered, too. Ruth had been arrested for physically attacking Jeffrey, but charges against her were dropped when she agreed to take medication. I can see how not taking her drugs would invite Ruth's delusional demons to arise, but why did she stop taking them in the first place? Or were they just not effective enough?

At any rate, Freeman's testimony could make the jury's job even harder. On one hand, she's given us a compelling reason why Jeffrey might have wanted to kill his mother. But on the other hand, if it were that bad, and if the law had been unable to protect him, could you blame Jeffrey if he really had snapped and murdered his mom? Obviously there's a lot more to this horror story.


If Freeman's testimony is true, how do you think Jeffrey was feeling in the weeks leading up to his mother's killing?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

i can't even fathom... all i will say is that mental disease is a bitch. and if someone has to be on meds (court ordered, no less) then you can bet your sweet tulips that there was a serious mental issue. the bigger question is, why didn't the family seek help for the mother when she stopped taking her meds? if it was part of her sentencing for the altercation with her son, shouldn't there have been some sort of welfare check or case worker assigned that they could speak with? it breaks my heart for this woman who was obviously afflicted with disease, and for her son whose future is now in the hands of a jury. my heart goes out to the family.

CAP1015 CAP1015

neither this blog nor the ABC article presents much in terms of what the facts/evidence is in the trial.  Most of both are written to stir emotion.  I hope this is not a case where the DA/Prosecution is looking for a slam dunk and not doing a  thorough investigation (which as we see happens way too often).  The saddest part of the story is that it appears that the mother was a documented abuser, who was at a minimum mentally ill and most likely a paranoid schizophrenic, AND that she was alone with the 12 year old younger sister.  The DA is using a motive of pent up rage, which if true should cause the defense to claim mental anguish.  I have to believe that either the DA has a poor case (no blood/dna/contact evidence) or the Defense has a strong alibi or has "proof" of not doing it or I think they would be seeking a different stratagey.   this is an example of how a person "legally required to take medications" unless supervised and/or treated is just a time bomb of misery in waiting.    

Reika... Reikagoth

obsessed with witchcraft and sorcery? Sounds like she just had a pretty serious mental issue - the title is seriously misleading. she sounds like a religious nut.

Tiffany Houck

I very much agree with you CAP1015 and thought the same thing paranoid schizophrenia...very sad!

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