Fiscal Cliff Talks Continue With No 'Compromise' About Taxes in Sight

So our government is headed toward the fiscal cliff, and most people don’t even know what that means. However, they do think that we should cut spending, avoid raising the debt ceiling, and reform our entitlement programs to sustainable levels. So they reelected a president that wants to raise taxes and use 75 percent of that revenue for new spending. Because that makes sense -- in Bizarro World, at least.

So what is the fiscal cliff? Basically, legislators couldn't come to a budget agreement earlier this year, so they do what they always do -- punt. They borrowed some money and put serious fiscal ramifications in place if they didn't agree on a final budget by the end of the year. Guess what? They can't agree. So off the fiscal cliff we go -- with serious cuts in defense and other areas across the board.

Now if President Obama and his liberal friends get their way, we’ll increase taxes on individuals making $200,000 a year and couples making $250,000 a year and then add a bunch of new spending rather than put the entirety of it toward our massive debt.

Of course, once that new spending is in place, it will be practically impossible to get rid of it, regardless of whether or not the money comes in to pay for it. Raising taxes never raises as much money as bureaucrats hope, because when you take away more and more of someone’s take-home pay, it reduces their incentive to work. Shocking, I know.

So basically, the Republican-led House and the Democrat-led Senate have to come up with some sort of financial plan to keep $600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts from going into effect on January 1, then President Obama has to approve the whole thing and sign it. This is why you've been hearing on the news that Republicans are messing everything up by refusing to compromise. Because apparently to Democrats and the media, “compromise” translates to “go against what you were elected to do and give in entirely.”

Why is it always the Republicans who are “refusing to compromise”? The Democrats are the ones who want to raise taxes in a crappy economy, and that never works. Ever. It’s like everyone has forgotten about the 1930s, when high taxes and too much government regulation led to the Great Depression.

Republicans don’t have a whole lot to lose at this point. They were elected to reduce taxing, spending, and the overall size of government, because that’s what our party stands for. Taxes are going up in 2013 regardless, so let the Democrats own it. If they don’t want to help come up with a solution to keep taxes low for everybody, then their own inability to compromise will raise taxes on everyone.

Don’t give up, GOP. We need to cut the spending, and it’s never going to happen if you keep agreeing to increase it.

What do you think is better for the economy: Cutting spending or raising taxes?


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Elizabeth Elizimah Infante

Middle Class Americans and those right above the poverty line...BRACE YOURSELVES for what is coming our way!!!

wamom223 wamom223

I have written to my Congresswoman everyday to urge her not to raise taxes on ANYONE if we don't cut spending.  But to be honest I do not like what the Republicans are doing.  Boehner really pissed me off last week when he kicked people off committees and then said we will watching how you vote.  It is not a Congress persons job to tow the party line, it is there job to represent their district.  We are all screwed because everyone we have representing us are idiots that have no idea what they are doing.  And I can't believe Jenny that you don't realize that the President wants us to go over the fiscal cliff and let the Bush tax cuts expire on everyone and then be able to blame the Republicans, duh.  If we want to fix our country we need term limits in Congress and we need them yesterday.

nonmember avatar TheMoreYouKnow

oNObama is not interested in working with ANYONE but the people he has managed to get in his pocket. His 'my way or the highway' attitude is why we are thisclose the the Cliff's Edge. He is not just gambling and playing chicken with our money, but with the future of our children. I bet all the Obama-nites are rueing the day they reelected him. He was the WORST thing to happen to this county since his pals did 9/11.

mommy... mommytojack0524

I think this is an argument for term limits. 

 All the members of Congress are so worried about being re-elected, they've forgotten that their job is to represent the people.  If they had to return to the economy and health care system they are creating, they may have a different view.

I also think they should be at work, in session, for as many hours as the rest of us.  But I'm strict like that.

Crystal Foose

I've got to disagree with your first paragraph-It is apparent to me that a majority of people don't seriously care about rasing the debt ceiling- they just know that they are supposed to so they say they do when being polled and if there is a majority who wants to cut entitlements, the majority of those only want to cut other people's entitlements, not ones that they are benefiting from themselves.  The 'average American' does not understand the basic principles of economics and getting stuff for yourself with other people's money sounds pretty good.   They don't get that there are serious ramifications for the country as a whole long- term.

lulou lulou

I thought they were elected for fancy license plates, marriage bans, and private school vouchers.  (hmm more spending on that one)

nonmember avatar MO Mom

Oh no! Milllionaires might have to pay a little more in taxes. The horror!

Bloom... Bloomie79

It's people like you who refuse to accept reality and come to the middle that are the problem. I don't know if you believe all the garbage you write or if its just good for your writing career. Oh and before everyone jumps on me, yes I feel just the same way about all the blind liberal garbage posted on this site as well. All of the rhetoric is divorced from reality and it doesn't do anything but hurt the country.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

No no no. Here is the fiscal cliff explained: If rich people don't get all the money, they drive us off a cliff!!

The answer is a BALANCED APPROACH Jenny, which is really what most of us want. No one wants MORE deficit, no one wants MORE out of control spending, no one wants MORE money going to wars that we shouldn't be in.

You can't reduce the deficit by just cutting spending. That doesn't make any sense. You need more revenue, and you need everyone paying their FAIR SHARE of taxes. How is this so confusing?? The republican party are obstructionists once again.. didn't they get the message??

wamom223 wamom223

Autumnleaves are you serious?  There is no balanced approach on the table.  The President wants to cut spending later and tax now and that is a problem.  How many times does it have to be explained to you that you can tax the top one percent a hundred percent and it is only enough money for the government to run as is for ten weeks.  We have to cut spending or there is no way out.  I know I just wasted my time since you are so happy burying your head in the sand and refusing to acknowledge facts but at least I tried.  So cute when you try to explain things you have no understanding of though.  Seriously can not believe you wrote all that after the billions of dollars in spending your President asked for with absolutely no cuts.  I want a balanced approach too and your President is not putting it on the table.  If I saw any cuts I would stop telling my Congresswoman to vote down any raise in taxes.  Until you liberals are ready to cut spending you should be prepared for us business owner's to tell you where we think you should shove it.  And before you even say it future saving do not count as revenue, and if we have been paying for all the wars on a credit card how is it saving us money to stop spending it on wars and spend it on something else?  Also how is it fair to ask a portion of the country to pay more when half the country pays nothing at all, shouldn't they be paying their fair share? 

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