Homeless Veteran Gives Amazing Gift to Woman Having a Bad Day & What She Gives Back Is Even Better

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antique watchIf you don't feel like getting all misty-eyed and warm and fuzzy today, you might want to skip this story. She's a doozy. A post recently went viral on Reddit about how a homeless veteran by the name of Tony and a beautiful, young girl formed an unlikely and touching friendship. Apparently, the pair met when the girl kept seeing Tony outside of her workplace. They began talking every day, and then the talking eventually led to lunch. And then lunch led to ... something so crazy it's hard to believe. Tony's gift to this woman -- and the reason behind it -- will truly astound you.

According to the girl, who has remained unnamed, Tony recently helped her through one of the hardest times of her life. She wrote in a blog post: "I was walking outside still feeling sorry for myself listening to self-loathing music when I felt a tap on the shoulder. It was Tony. Tony looks at me more seriously than he usually does and says he has something for me. From his army jacket pocket, he pulls out a watch head. Tony takes my hand and gently places the broken antique in my palm. He says to me, 'I don't have much but I wanted you to know that you have done what many others would not simply by being my friend.'"

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Anyone else have something in their eye right now? Wow. Tony could have done anything with that piece of jewelry -- sold it for food or clothes; pawned it. But he chose to give it to his friend; his friend who has so much more than he does. Goes to show you that relationships between people supersede anything material -- even if you're in dire need of life's basic material things. What this woman gave Tony was worth so much more than anything the antique watch could have gotten him.

After she received the incredibly sweet gift from Tony, she wrote: "When you reach out and do something kind for someone less fortunate, you get back not only what you gave, but infinitely more."

And, man, is she right.

Are your "allergies" suddenly acting up right now?

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dirti... dirtiekittie

we should all practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. what a touching story! may we all be so fortunate to have such a friend in our lives. 

Jackie Moody

Dammit.. someone's chopping onions again!

T.j. Fisher

Not to ruin everyones "good cry" BUT....   "Tony" is still homeless. great isn't it? someone who would serve our country and go through such hard circumstances and still has a heart of gold is still living on the street.. Gotta love it...

Stephanie Renee

I agree with T.J. Fisher...sure this makes a great story.....but its not a happy ending. its real life and "Tony" is still suffering...the worst part is that he was so touched by the fact that this girl had been his friend in the first place. Is our country so bad that we all just leave our heros out on the streets to die and everyone passes them by as if they dont care? the girls friendship shouldn't have been so rare...and shouldnt been seen as so "special" and "giving". it should be the norm. Just shows once again how far we've fallen as a people



Rita Curry

  Stephanie, you are 100% right. Every time I go anywhere, I feel, compelled, to say hello, & how are you doing today. It isn't much, but, it makes my day better,if I can bring a smile to a face. It's a simple thing, but, what is it to them, when their face, lites up with a smile? Nothing compared to what it does for me.big smile mini

wamom223 wamom223

This story reminded me of an old Vietnam Veteran in a town I used to live in.  He walked every where but for every two steps forward he took three back.  He was walking a lot.  At the time I didn't have a car and took the bus and would run into him a lot on the way to and from work. After a while we started talking when we would run into each other and I always respected him so much.  It must have been really frustrating to walk but there he was every day rain or shine walking and he always had a real genuine smile.  It always amazed me that people were shocked that I stopped to talk to him, it shocked me that they wanted to ignore someone that showed so much perseverance. 

Elena Duran

@ TJ glad someone else had the same thought. It's so sad how our Vets are treated.

Kathy Johnson

The girl had a job! She should have refused it or donated it!

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