Man Who Fell From the Sky Reminds Us to Be Grateful for What We Have


planePolice still don't know the identity of a man who fell from the sky -- literally! -- and landed on a London sidewalk, but they do believe he was dead before he ever hit the ground. And that's a relief. It's a horrifying idea, falling to the Earth still alive, knowing what was happening.

Neighbors said they heard a loud noise on impact, and then they looked and saw the body. Gah. This makes me shudder. I don't ever want an image of that in my mind.

But where did the man who fell from the sky come from?

The police suspect the unidentified African man is from Angola, based on money found in his pocket and information that a plane from Angola likely passed overhead around the time he was discovered. He didn't have any identification. They've compiled a sketch of what he likely looked like and are trying to find out whatever they can about him.

The man was most likely a stowaway on an airplane, holed up in the plane's landing gear, in an effort to escape a life he likely deemed worse than the fate that befell him. It's a terrible, bizarre story and I can't imagine what's worse -- being the man who fell or finding his body.

"I felt, what was he running away from? What made him think he could survive? And how will his family ever know? He's a lost soul now; his father and mother are probably waiting for him to make contact," said Catherine Lambert, who lived down the street from where the body was found.

It's a tragic story. It's impossible to guess what he was escaping, and awful to think that instead he wound up where he did. It makes me grateful for the life I have and that I will likely never find myself trying to escape my situation in such a dangerous way.

Have you ever had to run away from a bad situation and found yourself in danger?


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tuffy... tuffymama

That's horrible. My life would have to be worse than death for me to attempt such a thing, and to break the law in such a manner. I hope he has peace now.

kelti... kelticmom

Angola is literally one of if not the poorest countries in Africa and on the planet. Adult life expectancy and infant mortality is among the lowest in the world. It is basically a huge ghost town of a country, with all the wealth in just a tiny portion of the population. God only knows the hell this poor man must have gone through. I doubt "breaking the law" was the least of his worries.

Rosas... RosasMummy

Some people's obsession on here with breaking the law, I would literally never consider whether something was illegal or not before I did it if I felt it wasn't wrong.

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