Ex-California Official Blames Back Pain for Child Pornography Stash

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Albert Abrams, 64, will be sentenced on Monday for the crime of possessing thousands of sexually explicit photos and videos of children. Authorities found the images on his home computer and hard drives, where he had been collecting them for more than a decade. They include depictions of bondage and sadomasochism.

Abrams is the former president of the Los Angeles neighborhood commission and has worked on the broadcast media campaigns of President Jimmy Carter and Senators Robert Kennedy and Al Gore.

Defense attorney Marilyn Bednarski is hopeful for a reduced sentence, as her client’s bad back made him do it. No seriously, that’s what they’re going with.

In court documents, prosecutors said Abrams told a television station that a tumor made his alternate personality download child pornography. He later claimed the growth was a cyst and now says an unidentified back problem was responsible.

Abrams collected thousands of images of child pornography for 10-plus years (that we know about), failed a polygraph test by the federal government when asked if he had had sexual contact with minors, and downloaded a 170-page document entitled “Hunter’s Guide to Finding Child Lovers,” and his attorney thinks the request for 97 months in prison is excessive and unwarranted?

Do you know what’s unwarranted? Child pornography. Is there a punishment too excessive for the theft of a childhood? That’s what happens to these poor kids: They are robbed of their innocence for the sick pleasure of the perverts that exploit them.

Prosecutors obtained nearly two dozen statements from the victims that were in the images collected by Abrams. One wrote, "Every day people are trading and sharing videos of me as a little girl being raped in the most sadistic ways. They don't know me, but they have seen every part of me. They are being entertained by my shame and pain."

A bad back isn’t going to turn someone into a pedophile -- a warped mind and a total disrespect for humanity will. I hope Abrams gets the full sentence.

What do you think is an appropriate punishment for child pornographers?

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butte... butterflyfreak

There is NO appropriate punishment, at least not one that is approved by our judicial system. People who prey on the innocence of children should be staked out on top of a colony of fire ants, covered in honey and left to ROT, for however long their systems will hold out against the pain. And when they are dead, their carcasses should be left out for the vultures and other carrion eaters to pick clean.

tuffy... tuffymama

Physical castration sounds like a good punishment. Take it all. And take away his Internet privileges. Douchebag.

kelti... kelticmom

Chain them up in a room and let the loved ones of the children they abused beat the hell out of them, then leave them to choke on their own drool and blood. Sorry, but ANYONE who gets off on raping a child or watching them be raped, doesn't deserve to live. Regardless of their "mental condition" bullshit excuses.

nonmember avatar IslandMomOf4

Blind him in one eye and leave an open ended threat to take the other.....as well as any other offending member on his person. I'd bet $20 that would put a stop to it! Pedophiles will never be anything more than a waste of oxygen.

Gary Taptich

There is NO punishment severe enough for people such as this, and to think he's using some lame ass excuse for his behaving in this manner.  A public lynching would come close, though.

Craft... CraftyJenna

Death penalty. No point in spending a cent of tax dollars feeding and housing these scumbags. Child molesters can not be rehabilitated, do not deserve another chance at life among society.

nonmember avatar Emily

I just can't wrap my mind around this whole bad back defense.. I hope a judge looks at that, laughs, and then sends this waste of space to jail. I am one that is cautious with the death penalty, but for this guy I would say fry him! There's nothing that can be redeeming about a person like that.


That's only 8 years!  How the Hell is 8 years "exsessive"!? Castrate 'em.

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