Students Arrested After Feeding Pot Brownies to Unsuspecting Classmates & Professor


What were these kids smoking? Oh wait. I think we know. Two University of Colorado Boulder students were arrested after feeding their classmates -- and their professor-- pot brownies. I don't even think Jeff Spicoli would have tried that. The reefer-laced brownies sickened their professor and seven classmates. The students have been arrested. Bummer, man.

Colorado recently passed Amendment 64, making recreational pot use legal. That doesn't mean, however, that you can go around feeding it to whomever you like without their permission. And if this is the first stunt that Amendment 64 is going to cause, I feel bad for the residents of Colorado.

I'm sure we'll hear a lot more wacky news about pot smokers out of this state before the Amendment is reconsidered. I personally shudder at the idea of getting on the road with a bunch of high people driving. One could argue that they would have done it anyway, whether or not the drug was legal, but I tend to err on the side of trying to make things more difficult for people who might be inclined to do something stupid.

At any rate, feeding unsuspecting people pot is no laughing matter -- even if they are laughing. The professor, who was reportedly nodding in and out of consciousness, and was taken to the hospital. Not everyone reacts to marijuana well. What might be a good ol' time for one person might be a bad ride of sickness, paranoia, respiratory issues, and other unpleasant effects for another. Plus it just seems to be the height of irresponsibility to feed unsuspecting people brownies. What if one or more of those students got up, left class, and went to drive home?

I hope the kids who did this are given some serious punishment and realize that this kind of thing isn't cool, man.

Have you ever eaten pot brownies by mistake? Or on purpose?


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nonmember avatar Gretta

That makes me sad.

starl... starlighthippie

Just because some immature people do dumb things while high does not mean that there are not people who smoke responsibly. I don't think the amendment should be reconsidered because some people do dumb things with it. People do dumb things with alcohol too. That does not mean everyone does. Teenagers and college kids, many of whom are still teenagers, do dumb things in general. Once, when I was in high school a knew a guys whose brother peed in an empty bottle and then told him it was beer. Also, some people drive drunk, does that mean alcohol should be prohibited for everyone. No, it just means there should be consequences for people who do dumb things with legal substances, and it seems these children were appropriately penalized.

nonmember avatar Sally

Stupid people do stupid things. Plenty of smokers are responsible, fairly law-abiding (obviously not in one respect) people. Plus why the heck would anyone be dumb enough to spend that cash required to make brownies and the waste them on a bunch of unsuspecting people. There are way cheaper pranks.

nonmember avatar Common.Sense

So, in summary, drugs are stupid as hell and dangerous and people need to stop pretending otherwise.

kelly... kelly24019

Oh for gods sake... Grow up. People huff paint fumes... People are idiots... Drugs are not all bad. Le sigh

Megan Lee

And how many people have spiked drinks with alcohol at parties, etc?
We don't hear people calling for another prohibition.

Judith K Littles

I hope they get some jail time. They had no business doing this to unsuspecting people.

lalab... lalaboosh

It pisses me off to no end when I talk about baking a treat for my family and this old man at the medical club tells me to medicate it secretly. It's so wrong to drug people against their will, and does the cannabis community no favors. He needs to grow the hell up, just like that CO kid with the brownies.

Scorp... ScorpioDee

I am with Kelly...and I live in a country where it is not legal. We pulled stunts like that and nobody got hurt, just high. And it didn't have to do with the fact that was legal or illegal. And yes, I ate pot cookies, made some myself.

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