Mall Santa Fired After Reportedly Telling Doll-Wanting Girl She’ll Get a Football

santaLook, if you're gonna be a mall Santa during the holidays, you really don't need to know much. Except this: Be nice. Overall, the gig sounds pretty cush. You get to sit down your entire shift. You don't need to worry about what you look like, because you have a giant beard and cap covering your face. And you get to hang out with adorable kids all day while you pretend to have the power to grant their every wish. It's pretty straightforward. I doubt there are any "surprises" after you get hired. Like, "Oh, and by the way, you must eat a box of hair every day at noon." You get what you see. So, why would you take the job if you couldn't suppress your inner Scrooge for five jolly minutes?

A mall Santa in Maine was fired recently after the complaints reportedly kept rolling in regarding him. Reports are claiming that parents and children complained to ... whomever you complain to about Santa (God?) that this particular Santa was rude, grumpy, wouldn't let one kid sit on his lap, and promised one girl an American football after she asked for an American Girl doll.

WTF, Santa? If this is true, why so rude? The one requirement of your job is to be jolly. If you can't do that, well, House of Popcorn is around the corner, and I believe that would be a better fit. Have you seen the heavily-eyelined teen with the nose ring and perma-scowl? She'd be your boss.

Anyway, the mall is reportedly looking for (or has found?) a replacement Santa. Hopefully, the girl who was promised the American football can go back and have a nice little tete-a-tete with a real Santa. A Santa who won't crush her dreams at the tender age of 6.

Did you ever have a weird mall Santa experience?


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Rebec... Rebecca7708

I live in Maine. I met this Santa. He was incredibly rude. Would not let a child sit on his lap, unless they were paying for a picture package. If they tried to sit on his lap, he would cross his hands over his lap. If someone waved to him, they never got a wave back. Usually he only responded with a nasty look. God forbid someone should approach him while he was on a break. I think they made a wise choice and now I'm actually looking forward to going back for our pictures. The first time we went to say hello, the photographer came right over and handed us the order forms for the picture packages. As soon as "Santa" heard we weren't buying, he immediately stopped talking to our child and rushed him off.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

You're paying obscene amounts of cash for a few snapshots of your kid sitting on a complete strangers lap. Every mall Santa experience is weird.

Sierr... SierraLynn

The only Santa I ever felt comfortable around and for my kids to be around was Santa in North Pole, Alaska. He has been doing it all year long for 30+ years. He is super nice and sweet with everyone.

Vegeta Vegeta

I'm guarding our malls Santa now. He's pretty good, always under attack from bad kids though. A few years ago we had a Santa who was mean and drunk and awful. We never worked with that agency again.

nonmember avatar Juanita

Why even let your kid sit on a strangers lap? Not me, and maybe the girl was being rude or snobby little brat. I would have said the same shit too. Now a days kids have no manners and need a little discipline. Another thing pay for the damn picture if you want your kids sitting on Santas lap. Thats how who ever runs it makes money. Not parents busting out with there camera/cellphones, trying to take a pic of Santa and there child sitting on Santa.

nonmember avatar Juanita

Maybe the pictures they sell there goes towards a Charity or something. Quit being cheap n pay for the damn picture. I always see people complaining, its a mall Santa, you dont like go and pay more money for a decent Santa at one of them Glamour shot places. Be happy he didnt feel up ur kid, and why would you want to have your kid sit on a complete strangers lap. Who cares if its Santa. You dont know him, he could be going in the restroom and getting off.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

Juanita- NONE of the money was going to charity. And he was a rude nasty man to everyone, even people who DID buy pictures. Even to people who just walked by and waved or said hello.

Scarlett Fueston

Why are we attacking the child? I highly doubt the six year old whos been told santa is watching was a snob to the santa when he is...santa!!! I'm glad this Santa was fired...and for those questioning sitting on Santa's lap...those positions are extremely hard to get into because of all of the different checks...and the money doesn't go to goes to a company...myalbumpics is the popular one where I am from. 

Janet Rollins Jeppson

I had just taken my girls to the mall to have their Christmas pictures done (curled long blond hair, matching dresses, the whole 9 yards) and we decided to let them see Santa on the way out.  He went on and on and on and ON!  about how pretty they were and did I know and am I worried and come sit on my lap!  Uh, no thanks, maybe another time.  Reallly got that freakish pedophile vibe.  Other mom's know what I'm talking about.  Even my girls were a little weirded out.  Haven't gone to a Santa since...

nonmember avatar jessica

I can understand parents being upset if he was rude but the little girl asked for an american girl doll and santa said american football. Maybe he didn't hear her right? I mean it sounds the same especially comming from a child who maybe didn't speak clearly?

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