Planned Parenthood Shares Tutorial of How to Cover Up Beatings on Its Teen Facebook (VIDEO)

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Do you ever see something, and then just repeat the word ‘sick’ over and over in your brain and maybe out loud too? That happened to me today when I saw a video linked on Planned Parenthood’s ‘Info for Teens’ Facebook page instructing abused teenage girls how to use makeup to disguise bruises.

The girl in the video suffers from a black eye and split lip, and she matter-of-factly shows the viewer how to layer makeup appropriately to hide any injuries occurred as a result of domestic abuse.

Among other advice, the video host recommends using concealer to “hide any splits from watches or rings” and wearing a scarf for covering any strangulation marks on your neck. As for her black eye, she remarks, “If you've got a lot of bruisin’ from being pushed hard against a coffee table, you can gently apply layer after layer, and you will cover it up slightly ... it might hurt.”

The video ends abruptly as a noise is heard off camera, and a message is shown --

65% of women who suffer domestic violence keep it hidden ... don’t cover it up.

The video is intended to be part of a campaign to end domestic violence, but the way it is promoted on Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page -- how to look your best the morning after -- is appalling. They make no effort in the post to change the title of the video or comment on its hideous inappropriateness. As points out, “That headline makes a world of difference to young teens who run across the video.”

Screenshot of Planned Parenthood's 'Info for Teens' Facebook page

Whether or not this video was intended for shock value to raise awareness, or as an actual instructional piece, I think it’s abhorrent. It’s like reading a teen magazine article about anorexia or bulimia full of tips and tricks on how to better starve yourself and/or hide your symptoms. There are ways to raise awareness about issues without giving girls instructions on how to go further down a destructive path.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

Do you think it’s appropriate for Planned Parenthood to put a link to this video on their ‘Info for Teens’ Facebook page?

Images via YouTube and Facebook

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Christina Mancuso-Henry

Did you even bother watching the video to the end to see that it is speaking out AGAINST domestic violence before you wrote this article? Lauren Luke made this to bring awareness to women hiding their abuse and Planned Parenthood posted the video to bring awareness to young women who relate to putting on makeup, who might be abused and who might have already covered their bruises before. Yes, I think it's totally appropriate for them to have posted this! You have to reach out to victims in any way that you can.

nonmember avatar guest1985

I think the point is for people who might actually google a video to find these tips will actually be directed to get help instead. Planned Parenthood doing something awesome?! Not shocking :)

nonmember avatar Park333

You're right, directing those who might actually search for this to a place that can help them with their situation is crazy! Sike. Guess you probably agree with this woman

Stephanie Smythe

Seriously? You took this as a legitimate video truly attempting to show girls how to effectively cover their bruising and hide acts of violence against them? After watching the video that is not the message that I got. I thought the video was very well done and that the stark message it intended to present absolutely came through.

nonmember avatar Guest

They're not glorifying it you dingus. They're asking what a person would do if it was their friend who posted a video like this. If it was their friend getting beat and who thought they had to cover it up or became so delusional that they thought it was ok to cover it up. Would they call her out on it? Help her? Ignore her?

Are you really that thick? This article was reaching, even for you. And that's saying something.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

You actually are scraping the bottom of the lunatic barrel now. This video is really striking, it's a brilliant awareness campaign. If YOU choose to read something that isn't there so be it, but don't try make it sound credible, we aren't buying it.

Gypsy... Gypsyqueen4life

This video is blatantly obvious in it's message. I am a little confused as to how anyone could misunderstand the intent? Even down the abrupt ending and the panicked look on her face.

nonmember avatar Sara

Did the writer of this article even watch the video?? Domestic abuse among teen relationships is rampant and needs to be addressed. This video has been commended many times because it starts the conversations that women need to have in order to get out of abusive relationships and shows them they aren't alone. I agree with Christina, totally appropriate.

DebaLa DebaLa

Classic. Would you rather have Nancy Reagan shake her bony finger and smile, "Just Say No," or Michelle Obama do a "Let's Move" how-to-pack-a-suitcase-in-under-30-seconds PSA? Why are you so resistant to acknowledging the realities of abuse as a teaching awareness tool? Do you really think this is a tutorial on how to cover it up and live the life? You think people are that dumb? I agree with others here, top to bottom.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Oh, silly Jenny!!! Why am I not surprised? The controversial title is to get girls to watch the video. Obviously, it's going to get more views than a video titled, "Domestic Violence PSA".

It's just like bloggers at The Stir use controversial/misleading titles to get more views and comments. You should know that, you do it all the time, Jenny.

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