Man Leaves Pit Bull in Charge of Babysitting Infant While He Goes to a Bar

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left baby with pit bullHere's a winner for you -- James R. Irivne, 41, of Palm Coast, Florida, has been arrested under suspicion of child neglect after he left a 10-month-old baby to be cared for by a pit bull while he went to the bar to drink. Irvine was watching his girlfriend's infant when he apparently made the decision to hand the reins over to the dog of the house, and head out for some beers. After he didn't return any of his girlfriend's calls, she left work to come home and find Irvine urinating on himself, trying to get back in the house.

Irvine told his girlfriend that it's not like the baby was alone, their pet pit bull was watching it! But what the police report reveals next is the real kicker.

Cops say the baby was found crying inside a room with the door shut, and that the pit bull was sitting right outside of it.

Aw. Even a cynic like me can see how sweet that is. That dog is probably a better and more vigilant caretaker than Irvine could ever hope to be, but, naturally, that's no excuse for leaving a baby home alone with a canine babysitter.

Also, I'm not really sure why people think like, Oh, no, I shouldn't bring a baby to bar, that's just plain old wrong, and then conclude the better option would be to leave them alone or, in this case, with a pet.

I hope this girlfriend dumps Irvine and takes her baby, and her awesome pit bull, somewhere else. I mean, as soon as your significant other wets himself and explains to you that, it's cool, man, the dog was watching your kid, I think it's time to reevaluate the relationship.

Irvine faces one charge of child neglect. The pit bull faces a lifetime of hugs and kisses. (Same with the baby.)

Can you believe this?


Photo via Flagler County Sheriff's Office

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kelti... kelticmom

What a douchebag! Sweet puppy.

cmjaz cmjaz

I think we all can assume she won't dump him. They seem to never do

Mary Cimino

And people say that Pit Bulls are vicious, bet you money that was the safest kid in the area when the Pit was in charge :)

kisse... kisses5050

Hey- Pitbulls were the orginal 'nanny' dog look at the art of the Victorian erra and you will see pictures of children with loyal pitbulls...

and didnt the Darling children of Peter Pan have a dog as a nanny?

mleil... mleilanim

Why is it that 99% of abused infants are with "the boyfriend" while the moms AT WORK??? While one may conclude he's a douchebag; exactly what are these "mothers"? Idiots?

nonmember avatar kaerae

stupid mother probably bailed him out and apologized to him. Any guy who goes out and gets so drunk he pees himself should have never been "babysitting" in the first place. She's just as stupid as he is.

divam... divamomtjcj

wow what a winner.

Flowe... FlowerMama100

"Door!  Door!  Open up!  If you don't open up, I'm gonna pee on you!  Okay, you're asking for it." 

power... powertothekids

epic pit bulls always were nice

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